Put an End to Campaign Calls to Your Home

You know election day is approaching when the phone starts ringing. I spent the last weekend as one of those people ringing your phone encouraging voters to get out the vote for Las Vegas mayor.

Many people were not happy to hear from me. I heard the complaints that all candidates have been ringing phones off the hook.

Here are some hints to get those calls off of your phone. If you think that this Las Vegas mayor race has been bad just imagine what 2012 and all the primaries will be like!

1.) Vote early. The call lists are generated to connect with voters who have not already voted. If you hate the calls, but want to remain open to your party to contact you – vote early.

2.) Make your voter information confidential by following the steps below:

Login to the Clark County voters website at http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/election/Pages/default.aspx from this site you can type in your first and last name and date of birth to pull up your voter record.







Click to pick the option to make your address and phone number confidential. This means that you will no longer be contacted by campaigns via phone or at your door.

The website will then pull up this request form for you to sign and either mail or fax to 455-2981.

You can track the progress of your request on the county elections website.

Campaigns really do not want to waste their resources on voters who do not want to hear from them.

If you do not want to get calls make your request now. We can all easily predict that 2012 will have many more calls ahead.

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America’s Sound Rock and Roll to Motown NOW at the Four Queens

Friend of the show Early Clover local musician and author has opened a new show at the Four Queens!  Catch him Tuesday through Saturday in the Canyon Club.

Tickets are $39 General Admission and $59 VIP – Children age 5 and up welcome!

Early is the hardest working musician in Las Vegas! You can also still catch him at 7pm in the Coasters Platters Marvelettes show seven nights a week! 

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Watch Out of Touch Carolyn Goodman for Yourself – VIDEO

This clip from the interview portion of her appearance at the Lambda luncheon on May 11, 2011.

Highlights of this clip:

  • If gay marriage is important to you – move to a state that has it. Clip :40
  • Equates social security to public employees ability to assign benefits to their domestic partner  Clip 1:42
  • When asked about voting for or against same sex marriage Goodman replied she did not vote at all. Clip 2:52
  • Her position is that her religious beliefs prevent her from supporting same sex marriage. Clip 3:38
  •  Goes on to say that after the rest of the states accepts it that then she would support gay marriage. Clip 4:40
  • Meadows school employs individuals who “prefer” a gay or lesbian lifestyle. Clip 5:12
  • The transition conversation starts at 7:18 as how Goodman would handle a transgender teacher.

This video starts off with a great question as to which way goes Carolyn want it? Carrying on for Oscar or her own woman?

  • Brags about work of Oscar getting involved to trade land with Lehman Bros then double tracks back when Steve Friess brilliantly asks her “that sounds like government getting involved…” Clip 3:18
  • Asked for specifics about shrinking government – She has no ideas. Clip 4:45
  • Again pressed for specifics noting that many luncheon attendees wrote this word on their questions and she is in fact married to the mayor – Clip 6:20
Goodness it appears that Goodman does not know how to avail herself of the public budget information available on LasVegasNevada.gov! 

This final clip

  • What LGBT events have you been to since the primaries? She laments that no one gave her the questions ahead of time. Clip 1:00
  • At this point in the clip 1:32 she has a “gay attack” flapping her arms about who is gay who is not gay “If you’re gay its wonderful be gay and enjoy it and make the most of your life of it”- to the audible snickering of the audience.
  • She names off having had “transvestites” at her campaign events. Clip 1:55

Hats off to Steve Friess for maintaining his composure behind the smile on this moment! 

  • Discusses the DREAM act. Clip 2:22
  • Mentions that the DREAM act has something to do with illegal aliens. Clip 2:46
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RIP Tim Oliver Friend of the show from CMT Cigars

Tim Oliver Tim Oliver 

Favorite Quotation "If there are no cigars in heaven, I shall not go!" by Mark Twain.

Our thoughts and prayers are with former guest of the Date Night in Vegas radio show Tim Oliver and his family. Tim passed away on May 3rd from liver failure.

Tim loved fun, and he loved to talk cigars! Last August 13th he opened up the back of the shop to host a rag tag radio show to talk about everything including an hour with Tim about how to properly smoke cigars. 

Hour One of the show live from CMT 

Hour Two of the show live from CMT – Great interview with Tim  – His interview starts at 9:50 into the recording

We were blessed to have the time that we had with Tim and know how much and why his friends adored him so much.

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Who is Ready for Ultimate Elvis Weekend! This weekend!

This weekend is Ultimate Elvis Weekend at the Fremont Street Experience. It is when Elvis fans revel in the majesty of Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs to those of us in the know) shaking their stuff in tribute to our hero!

What a great day to celebrate with your Elvis lovin’ mother. Elvis sure did love his Momma!

I married my King! We can’t wait to get on down there!

Can’t promise that there will be any single Elvis wandering about because all of the tribute artists I have met including local favorite and friend of the show Steve Connelly are wonderful devoted family men. 

Friday and Saturday night baby!


VIP tickets available at Binions first come first served – $20 

Check out last year’s grand finale!

Check out the official release with all the juicy details here! 

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AFAN Walk was Awesome!

Only one candidate for Las Vegas Mayor walked in support of AFAN.

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Chris G Team Launches Smart Phone APP to Empower Volunteers!

Chris Giunchigliani for mayor is the first and only Las Vegas mayoral campaign to have its own smartphone app.

Developed by volunteers this APP keeps supporters in touch with all aspects of the campaign as election day approaches. In beta testing the last two weeks the G-Unit has been ready to burst with excitement!

Now available to ALL Chris G for mayor supports the FREE Get Out the Vote for Giunchigliani App!

When you are ready to download the Chris G app just fill out the form below and instructions will be emailed to you.

Grassroots APP to bring fresh new leadership to Vegas for iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Android. 

Complete the Form Below to Get the G-Unit App Today!

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Kristy Love Brooks – All Over the World Day of Peace – May 11th From Vegas with Love

Support local musician and humanitarian Dr. Kristy Love Brooks in her movement to bring peace and harmony into our world; starting from Las Vegas!

Declaration of Peace, I will let my light shine on May 11th at 10PM Eastern Time,



Lights ON “All Over The World” at the same time

for Peace in the World – (coordinate with world clock)

Light a Candle, turn on house, car, flashlights, etc.

Let’s all get on one accord for peace together.


Kristy Love


Mark your calendars Las Vegas May 11th is the day for peace.

MAY DAY FOR PEACE was inspired by Kristy’s song “All Over The World.”  It is a Movement for Peace.  It is so timely with all the people coming together and standing up for peace and change all over the world.  There are many countries in seek of change and peace, created by “people believing they can make a change”.  These lyrics are reflected in the bridge of the song.  Since the evolution of green technology to be kind to the earth, and the push for all people to share in the earth’s wealth, we have created a movement for peace and unity on this planet.  We will create an uplifting feeling, a sense of caring for each other and unconditional love to create peace for humanity.

You can download her song from iTunes.

Please view the video below.

Do your part Las Vegas to support this cause and recognize one of our local celebrity treasures Kristy Love Brooks.

Click here to sign the petition for PEACE

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Cashetta is Coming Back to Vegas Baby!

I love Cashetta! She is one class act locals can’t resist. I first wrote about Cashetta for the 24 Hours of Different Las Vegas Dates book. It was hour 23 Life’s A Drag and how the recession has been tough in drag.

Check out how much Vegas fun her last show was:

My 11 year old daughter loved her last magic show – but sadly the new show is 18 and older only. That means Mama can have an appletini!

Now she is coming back with psychic powers? Look out craps tables! Will she come and blow on our dice? How does a psychic perform at the haunted Clarion?

You can keep up on Cashetta’s adventures and triumphs with her BlogTalkRadio show Monday thru Friday airing at 8 am Vegas time. We owe it to a performer willing to drive all their stuff from Florida to Vegas through the deep south to follow her exciting adventures.

That one hour since I have started listening makes me miss the kaffeeklatch at my former offices that much less. It’s a place where even suburbanite housewives feel cool remembering when we too used to work in the big city with queens.

Cashetta makes her triumphant return to Las Vegas on Friday, May 13th! Message me if you want to come as a big bawdy crowd!

Follow her now!




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Nevada Political Action for Animals Releases Candidate Endorsement List



DOUG WARD (I could not locate a website)






Candidates above selected by the Nevada Political Action for Animals Committee. For more information about this group visit the official web page.
Links to individual candidates added by Date Night in Vegas Webmaster.

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