Put an End to Campaign Calls to Your Home

You know election day is approaching when the phone starts ringing. I spent the last weekend as one of those people ringing your phone encouraging voters to get out the vote for Las Vegas mayor.

Many people were not happy to hear from me. I heard the complaints that all candidates have been ringing phones off the hook.

Here are some hints to get those calls off of your phone. If you think that this Las Vegas mayor race has been bad just imagine what 2012 and all the primaries will be like!

1.) Vote early. The call lists are generated to connect with voters who have not already voted. If you hate the calls, but want to remain open to your party to contact you – vote early.

2.) Make your voter information confidential by following the steps below:

Login to the Clark County voters website at http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/election/Pages/default.aspx from this site you can type in your first and last name and date of birth to pull up your voter record.







Click to pick the option to make your address and phone number confidential. This means that you will no longer be contacted by campaigns via phone or at your door.

The website will then pull up this request form for you to sign and either mail or fax to 455-2981.

You can track the progress of your request on the county elections website.

Campaigns really do not want to waste their resources on voters who do not want to hear from them.

If you do not want to get calls make your request now. We can all easily predict that 2012 will have many more calls ahead.

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