Watch Out of Touch Carolyn Goodman for Yourself – VIDEO

This clip from the interview portion of her appearance at the Lambda luncheon on May 11, 2011.

Highlights of this clip:

  • If gay marriage is important to you – move to a state that has it. Clip :40
  • Equates social security to public employees ability to assign benefits to their domestic partner  Clip 1:42
  • When asked about voting for or against same sex marriage Goodman replied she did not vote at all. Clip 2:52
  • Her position is that her religious beliefs prevent her from supporting same sex marriage. Clip 3:38
  •  Goes on to say that after the rest of the states accepts it that then she would support gay marriage. Clip 4:40
  • Meadows school employs individuals who “prefer” a gay or lesbian lifestyle. Clip 5:12
  • The transition conversation starts at 7:18 as how Goodman would handle a transgender teacher.

This video starts off with a great question as to which way goes Carolyn want it? Carrying on for Oscar or her own woman?

  • Brags about work of Oscar getting involved to trade land with Lehman Bros then double tracks back when Steve Friess brilliantly asks her “that sounds like government getting involved…” Clip 3:18
  • Asked for specifics about shrinking government – She has no ideas. Clip 4:45
  • Again pressed for specifics noting that many luncheon attendees wrote this word on their questions and she is in fact married to the mayor – Clip 6:20
Goodness it appears that Goodman does not know how to avail herself of the public budget information available on! 

This final clip

  • What LGBT events have you been to since the primaries? She laments that no one gave her the questions ahead of time. Clip 1:00
  • At this point in the clip 1:32 she has a “gay attack” flapping her arms about who is gay who is not gay “If you’re gay its wonderful be gay and enjoy it and make the most of your life of it”- to the audible snickering of the audience.
  • She names off having had “transvestites” at her campaign events. Clip 1:55

Hats off to Steve Friess for maintaining his composure behind the smile on this moment! 

  • Discusses the DREAM act. Clip 2:22
  • Mentions that the DREAM act has something to do with illegal aliens. Clip 2:46
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