Kristy Love Brooks – All Over the World Day of Peace – May 11th From Vegas with Love

Support local musician and humanitarian Dr. Kristy Love Brooks in her movement to bring peace and harmony into our world; starting from Las Vegas!

Declaration of Peace, I will let my light shine on May 11th at 10PM Eastern Time,



Lights ON “All Over The World” at the same time

for Peace in the World – (coordinate with world clock)

Light a Candle, turn on house, car, flashlights, etc.

Let’s all get on one accord for peace together.


Kristy Love


Mark your calendars Las Vegas May 11th is the day for peace.

MAY DAY FOR PEACE was inspired by Kristy’s song “All Over The World.”  It is a Movement for Peace.  It is so timely with all the people coming together and standing up for peace and change all over the world.  There are many countries in seek of change and peace, created by “people believing they can make a change”.  These lyrics are reflected in the bridge of the song.  Since the evolution of green technology to be kind to the earth, and the push for all people to share in the earth’s wealth, we have created a movement for peace and unity on this planet.  We will create an uplifting feeling, a sense of caring for each other and unconditional love to create peace for humanity.

You can download her song from iTunes.

Please view the video below.

Do your part Las Vegas to support this cause and recognize one of our local celebrity treasures Kristy Love Brooks.

Click here to sign the petition for PEACE

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