Cashetta is Coming Back to Vegas Baby!

I love Cashetta! She is one class act locals can’t resist. I first wrote about Cashetta for the 24 Hours of Different Las Vegas Dates book. It was hour 23 Life’s A Drag and how the recession has been tough in drag.

Check out how much Vegas fun her last show was:

My 11 year old daughter loved her last magic show – but sadly the new show is 18 and older only. That means Mama can have an appletini!

Now she is coming back with psychic powers? Look out craps tables! Will she come and blow on our dice? How does a psychic perform at the haunted Clarion?

You can keep up on Cashetta’s adventures and triumphs with her BlogTalkRadio show Monday thru Friday airing at 8 am Vegas time. We owe it to a performer willing to drive all their stuff from Florida to Vegas through the deep south to follow her exciting adventures.

That one hour since I have started listening makes me miss the kaffeeklatch at my former offices that much less. It’s a place where even suburbanite housewives feel cool remembering when we too used to work in the big city with queens.

Cashetta makes her triumphant return to Las Vegas on Friday, May 13th! Message me if you want to come as a big bawdy crowd!

Follow her now!




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