In Honor of Day of the Dude – We Celebrate Our Favorite Dude – Host Johnny Nevada

This year on March 6th we’re going to get fired up about chilling and make it official the first annual sacred Dudeist high holy day:

The Day of the Dude.

A day for spending in observance of all things Dude and observing the take it easy  manifesto. You can even become ordained in the Church of the Latter Day Dude.

No better place on earth for getting in touch with your Dude-side than Vegas. Plenty of beer, bowling, and laid back folks.

The honorable Dude of the Date Night Show is Johnny Nevada he has been keeping it real and laid back as long as he can remember.

This dude abides by not getting too harsh and never killing the mellow.

If you love Johnny as much as we do. Please take a moment to go to the online virtual dude shrine St DaFino and offer your prayers.

Remember if your party needs a dude to bless the holy herbal sacrament and share the manifesto with guests while wearing the robe Johnny is your DUDE!





If you STILL don’t know the dude – view the clip.

Did you know that in 2004 Las Vegas had a LebowskiFest?

The Dude population has infinitely increased since that time.

Looks like it was just what the locals need. Bowling, brews, and dudes!

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