Clark County Public Auction Comes Back March 5th

Johnny likes to take the ladies out to browse all of the auctions. If they are nice he might pick them up a surplus brick cell phone or even a desk! If you want to go with Johnny you better browse the catalog first to know what to stomp your feet and whine for when it comes up for bid.

Las Vegas Clark County Surplus Auction Catalog


My favorites:

Ice Machine


2 Pallet Lot of Surveillance Equipment

Radar Detectors


Folding Chairs and Tables in 50 unit lots



From the official County Announcement:

Clark County and several public agencies will host the first government surplus auction of the year on Saturday, March 5, at 9 a.m. at a County storage lot at 4320 Stephanie St., off Flamingo Road near Dog Fancier’s Park.

The popular auctions are held three times annually and feature items used by government agencies ranging from cars and trucks to office equipment and computers. The public is invited to preview sale items three days prior to the auction from Wednesday, March 2 through Friday, March 4, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Anyone interested participating in the auction is urged to pre-register as a bidder during the preview period. Preview and pre-registration activities will be held in the same location as Saturday’s auction.

The upcoming auction will feature about 150 vehicles for sale and 250 lots of miscellaneous property. In addition to Clark County, participants include the local cities, state of Nevada, UNLV, Las Vegas Convention Center, Clark County School District, Las Vegas Valley Water District, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, St. George, and Washington County, Utah.

“It’s fiscally smart for government entities to hold one large auction instead of separate, smaller sales,” said David Johnson, manager of Clark County’s Automotive Division. “By offering more items for sale, you attract bigger crowds and better prices from bidders.”

TNT Auction, the contractor that manages the sales, hosts two sales at one time on auction day. One sale features vehicles and equipment with live biding occurring on site as well as online. The other sale is for merchandise displayed on site. For more information, visit TNT’s website at  Two more auctions will be held this year on May 21 and November 19.

Contact: Stacey Welling
Phone: (702) 455-3201

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