Man Child Show Opens in Vegas! Catch it FREE one night only……..

Naughty Boy of Hypnosis Comedy Rolan Whitt and his band of twisted misfits are at it again.

A variety show with every imaginable version of crude from the Man-Child imagination.

If you know of any really bizarre make you want to bleach your eyeballs afterward or forget you ever heard it to get the visual post below.  The guys read this blog and who knows maybe they will call upon you to release your inner-man-child in a future performance.

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One Response to Man Child Show Opens in Vegas! Catch it FREE one night only……..

  1. Hey guys! Just found this site today. Some interesting things here. I was raised Southern Baptist. Raised in church. Accepted Jesus when I was 5 years old but my mom thought I was too young to really understand. I was terrified after that because I thought that baptism was required to save me and I wasnt baptised. She relented when I was 7 because I told her how scared I was that I might die or the world would end without me being baptised and I would go to hell. How messed up is that to put such a fear in a child? Anyway grew up believing then distanced myself as I got older. Told myself that I was just going through a detached time and would come back to the church. I defended god and whatnot all the time. Even as I read and studied and thought on it all. Argued on it all. Then I finally realized it was all BS after reading Carl Sagans final book Billions and Billions. I imagined him standing in front of god and being condemned to the lake of fire. The thought was so completely ridiculous that I finally admitted that I no longer believed in what I was raised to believe. I lost religion in pieces. Lost the 7 days and that man coexisted with dinosaurs. Lost the world wide flood. Eventually lost that only one type of religion could get you to heaven. Then lost it altogether. I was 30 when I finally realized I no longer believed. Didnt believe so strongly that hell held no fear in me any longer. A lot of my views on things instantly changed. Just a year before I was against Homosexual Marriage. But after that….hey two consenting adults want a ceremony and legal status as partners whatever floats your boat dude. Problem is that I have an 11 year old step-daughter and a 3 2 year old daughters. And my mother is still hardcore religious. I love my mother. She has helped me so much throughout my life. And she believes so strongly. I cant just tell her that Im an atheist. It would destroy her. She thought I was going to be a preacher or missionary when I was young I was so into it. Not only that but to believe that I wont raise her beloved grandbabies in christ? Augh!!! But guess what she does when she visits? Starts talking to the eldest and confusing the crap out of her.I tell the eldest to figure out her own reality. Its her life. I dont know what else to do. But I swear if one of my kids so much as mutter that they have a fear of going to hell…its going to get ugly.One thing that really surprised me last year was my mom mentioning an article she read. I was never told anything against evolution growing up. Ever. And I have become extremely interested in human evolution for the last several years. LOVE IT! So when she mentioned an article pushing back the common ancestor between humans and chimps a few million years and then said See? I knew there was no monkey. I accidentally blurted out Well there had to be one back there somewhere!. Well it seems to me that at least when you were a child your mother was pretty open minded herself – if I read it correctly she didnt want you jumping in right away. I would suggest telling her your beliefs though its never good to keep thing hidden from those you love. I would not however try to convince her to leave her own religion. Be nice and just tell her what you feel not what she should.As to your kids let them believe what they want to. Even if it means that they become Christians. Your respnse to that will be more important than anything you can ever say. And if your wife insists on teaching them certain Christian things dont be afraid to teach them your own views. I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief because there will be so much to look forward to.

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