I am Equal Photo Event Comes to Las Vegas Feb 19th at NY NY FREE! Support Human Rights

This cause is for all causes to show that you too are equal. All causes are valuable. I will be getting my picture done and that of my two children who have Autism to show that we too are equal.

Please come out and take your picture to support equality – Details from the official website below. If you belong to FaceBook please like this cause and share it with your networks.


The I AM EQUAL photo world tour is coming to Las Vegas, Nevada thanks to the support of our host,MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL and the Las Vegas NEW YORK – NEW YORK HOTEL & CASINO.

Now you and your family can show your support for HUMAN RIGHTS & EQUALITY as you step up and claim your personal power with your very own I AM EQUAL photo.

Internationally acclaimed fashion photographer Matt Spencer is coming to the desert oasis of Nevada to showcase the power, passion, and commitment of your community to support the cause of peace. Some people come to support the rights of women and children; others come to celebrate their strength as a survivor of abuse.


Some people use their picture to shine a light on environmental concerns or to claim their right to a pollution-free future. There are some who come in support of gay & lesbian rights; and others who are stepping up for religious freedoms. Every cause is valuable, and we celebrate them all!

Prepare for the I AM EQUAL EVENTS

This is your chance to step up and let EVERYONE know what you stand for.  EVERY CAUSE IS VALUABLE, so be clear on why you’re taking part in this project!

    (that means your hair and makeup are done.)
    (No black or white, it doesn’t work for these photos.)
    (Everyone is welcome, so spread the word)

Pictures only take 2-5 minutes after registration and you’ll get your picture in about a week. Anyone younger than 18 must have a parent or guardian present to sign the registration papers or, you can call 888-802-8806 ex. 503 to make special arrangements.

A $20.00 donation is appreciated at the event to support the efforts of the I AM EQUAL FOUNDATION and photo tour, but not required.

You can prepare for your I AM EQUAL photo shoot with a few simple steps. We’ve got it all written down for you to remember right HERE. But these three steps will get you going on the right foot.

As you know, we will put a temporary tattoo on your hand with the logo, your job is to show that logo to the camera in a creative way…and get it as close to your face as possible. GET CREATIVE!
This picture is here to represent the cause, mission, or vision you have for the world. GET CLEAR ON YOUR VISION. Some people take a picture to support the rights of children or end child slavery; others are taking a stand for equality for races or the gay and lesbian community.

There are countless causes and this is your chance to step up for something. Raise your hand and be counted as part of the solution.

Get ready to share your picture. As soon as you make this your profile picture or your email footer people will start asking you questions…SO SHARE THIS PHOTO! Use FACEBOOK, Twitter, Myspace, and any other social network to spread the message of your photo and tell people what it represents to you.


DATE: 19-FEB-2011


3790 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
P: 916.447.2700

TIME: 11am-9pm

PARKING: Resort Parking – Valet – Public Transportation



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One Response to I am Equal Photo Event Comes to Las Vegas Feb 19th at NY NY FREE! Support Human Rights

  1. WillSmith says:

    Zgaraf Hi! I’m just wondering if i can get in touch with you, since you have amazing content, and i’m thinking of running a couple co- projects! email me pls

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