Anti-Valentines Sent Anywhere from our Favorite Accordion Player

Leave it to Squeezebox to come up with a way to include everyone in the Valentines Spirit. For some folks Valentines Day is one of regret, or maybe just a tinge of rage.

So don’t go do anything foolish. No one endorses violence here. Instead put your feelings to music for just $19.99 and our caped accordion player hero will record and send it out to the cyber universe for all so see.

Example video – yours of course will be personalized to tell him or her just what you think.

Go to SqueezeBox Hero Website to set up your unique Valentines message (Love you can’t get enough of you – or thank god that infection cleared up and you are gone)

Don’t forget if you are in loving mood and want to thrill your Valentine you can order the sweetest singing telegram too.

Vegas’ Most Unique Valentine Gift ONLY $49 and Unforgettable! SqueezeBox!



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