My new favorite tv show.

Oh how I miss Portland “where young people go to retire…. and all the hot girls wear glasses.”

The DREAM OF THE 90s is alive in Portland! Love it! I know I am not the only former PDX resident in Vegas. I was in Portland from ’88 to ’03 and the city has really not changed since the 90s.  I wake up in Vegas and wonder which is the alternate universe.

Former PDXers you will love it.

Should be a boom for their tourism makes me want to visit again. I will go to see my late 30 something friends working at uberhip jobs like the Opera or food co-ops that just don’t exist in Vegas. Yeah we have ginormous houses, but nothing grows in our yards. Down here everything dries out, there it can mildew. Oh the compromises.

We can go guilt free because their economy is just as screwed up as ours!

~~~~~~~~Miss a town where everyone reads!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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