CinemaCon Coming to Las Vegas March 28-31

The National Association of Theater owners will be in Las Vegas this March for their annual conference. While the non-member trade show pass at $550 is a bit too steep for the average Las Vegan it is interesting to know about the crowds coming to Vegas for that weekend.

Perusing the vendor list it is certainly clear that theaters are looking to make the event of going out to take in a good film well worth the effort with new gourmet foods, seat comfort technology, images, and sound.

A few things I can’t wait to see in my local theater:
Blend it yourself milkshakes

White Castle will be at the show. Does this mean I might be able to get sliders at the theater? YUM!

Big brother theater product iCount uses facial recognition software to tell if you have already seen the movie or if too many people are in the theater for the number of seats sold. As someone who has been in the theater with an annoying person behind me trying to record the film I hope this software catches a few of them because nothing ruins the show more than the twerp kicking your seat and giving you a dirty look for making any noises cause he has a camera running. Depending on your neighborhood you don’t want to get your face bashed in for snitching.

Immerz will be there with a viewing tool that immerses your senses in the action of films or even video games. A set of headphones and a chest pad it delivers surround sound plus. Check out the company website or the video below for more information:

Go Nevada! Our film office will be at CinemaCon to talk to production companies about making more films in Nevada. No other place on earth has our unique scenery. We also have a large population of out of work performers ready to work on projects of all kinds. This office provides support to local venues by cataloging film locations and logistics providers to assist productions of all sizes and genres.

If you are local media blogger now is the time to contact CinemaCon regarding your press pass. I contacted back in December and have not heard back. Judging from the representation of the show media passes may be limited to traditional media outlets.

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