WienerMobile is on its way to Touch A Truck

First of all Touch a Truck is a great community event for families every year with vehicles from throughout the community from fire trucks to hot air balloons.

As confirmed on the Touch a Truck Facebook page this year’s Touch a Truck will be on March 19th! (Become a fan to keep up to date)

This year will be the fourth year I am taking my kids. Everyone even our teenager can’t wait to get a chance to see vehicles up close. Check out the list of vehicles.

Proceeds will benefit Family to Family Connection, Las Vegas West, a non-profit organization offering free support and information for kids, parents and families in Nevada. Sensitive to the needs of children overwhelmed by loud noises the event has a quiet hour with no horns or amplification from 8:30 to 9:30 so children with special needs can enjoy the fun.

If you have a super cool vehicle you would like to share with the public complete this form or call (702)870-9583 to have your vehicle in the show.

This morning I got so excited I had to run immediately to my computer to be the first Las Vegas blogger to share that officially the Wienermobile will be at Touch a Truck!

I can’t wait! Reading the HotDoggerBlog leaves me wanting more Wienermobile. I even follow the HotDogger Crew on Twitter. I wonder which fine Wiener themed vehicle will grace Touch a Truck?

I keep encouraging my children to aspire to become a member of the HotDoggers to travel the county in a 27 foot wiener but they keep telling me no!

I hope to one day take a spin in the great wiener down the strip under the neon lights. Who wouldn’t want that on their bucket list?

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