Paula Poundstone in Las Vegas January 22 and 23rd at Orleans

In case you missed it when Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me came to Las Vegas on November 18th last year, never fear you can catch star of the show panelist Paula Poundstone at the Orleans on January 22, and 23rd.

Many locals complained about the steep price of the Wait Wait show at Paris with a ticket price of $140 per person leaving most of us hipster dofuses at home to listen crouched around the radio when it aired the following weekend.

Paula’s show at only $19.95 a ticket fits in the price range of us all who need to feed the kids, pets, and eek out a creative life. This promises to be an evening you don’t feel like a lard-ass after you leave having watched nothing but vajazzled size zero trotting around the stage. Paula’s show will leave you feel smart again even when you live in Las Vegas and your friends from hip college towns call where you live an intellectual wasteland.

Take that Seattle! Paula is coming to our town and NOT yours!

Now please buy a ticket and go to Paula’s show so our town looks smart. Her tour hits that center of NPR snobbery Portland Oregon the very next week. Wouldn’t be nice if more people showed up in Vegas?

I hope to see you at the show. I have to drag my favorite Las Vegas funny ladies to the show to see one of our great inspirations at work! Johnny will not make it because he is intimidated by any woman with better cat jokes than him.

You can follow Paula on Twitter at @paulapoundstone and visit her official website at: Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the show at the Orleans Box Office Online.

Classic Paula Stand-up

Recent clip that Moms can all relate to about being stuck at home with the kids for the holidays.

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