Happy New Year From Date Night in Vegas

We will be back in 2011 with lots of new and exciting things to try.

Here is our list of things we want to try on the show next year:

1.) Visit great Las Vegas locations that are quirky and well worth trying for visitors and locals alike. We really love locally owned, grown, and doing their best to keep the show alive businesses.

2.) Do-it-Yourself Drag Night at Amazing Clowns. Wrote about it but never made it down there. Look out we are going to make it there in 2011!

3.) The Artisan now they have Burning Mondays to gather all of the Burning Man crowd in Las Vegas. Everyone who has been there tells us we have to get on over.

4.) Show Bus of the Stars this just looks like tons of fun! We can’t wait until the warm Vegas weather is back to go on and see this great show.  We have the equipment to broadcast live while rolling up and down the strip during the show.

5.) The Cosmopolitan specifically the art at the Cosmopolitan. Listeners to our show know that resident Beatle-o-phile Johnny can’t pass on any opportunity to connect with anything related to his heroes and much of the art is created by Yoko Ono. I want to buy from the art-o-matic.

6.) Hit every great street fair and unique event  in  this town! Looks like there are already some great ones cooking up for 2011:

Fremont Street Mardi Gras March

Monster Truck World Finals March

Las Vegas International Celtic Festival April

Viva Las Vegas RockaBilly Weekend April 21-24

Las Vegas City of Lights Rhythm and Blues Festival – April 30th -May 1

Become a FAN of this event on Facebook so you don’t miss it!

Mini Motor Bike Races – May 6th

MotorHead Festival – May 6th and 7th

Helldorado Days – May 12-15th

Great West Truck Show – June 9-11th

Las Vegas International Film Festival – June 10th and 11th

Reggae in the Desert – June 12th

7.) Picture Date Night at ShoWest? Our show will at least apply for press passes to rub elbows with Hollywood. The name of the event is now CinemaCon and looks like thrills for the true cinema freak.

8.) Celebrate all awesome Vegas architecture and history by devotedly following Uncle Jack’s Blog Very Vintage Real Estate we will also have him on our show again to answer those questions that stump us about older homes in Las Vegas real estate. Uncle Jack also does open top bus tours a few times a year about the history of Las Vegas. Following his blog also ensures that you don’t miss great events like the Mondo Lounge.  If you love a great cocktail party with a tongue and cheek attitude about the Beaver Cleaver era become their fan to just not miss it.

9.) Get involved in the 2011 Las Vegas Mayoral election. We should get at least one candidate to get on the radio with us – even if it is Wiernecke the person with all of the handmade signs around town. Johnny hopes that it is true Holly is running for mayor. I like the idea of Randy Couture the MMA legend running since we can always then blame public gaffes and slip ups by a few too many whacks to the head.

Candidates with sites up:

Katherine Duncan

Marlene Rogoff

Steve Ross

Larry Brown – First declared candidate but NO website up

Anthony Wernicke


10.) Love Las Vegas – this is our town NOW- Treat it like home! Support causes that grow community as a place to stay.

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