We Love the Sisters!

For the first time in her life Nikki hung out with a couple of nuns and no one got beaten with a ruler!

We were thrilled to learn about a great charity in our city working hard to help those in need.

The Sisters Las Vegas Mission:

This program is designed to assist individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada with both short-term and long-term acquisition of prescribed medications necessary for their continued physical health and mental well-being. Our program will allow these individuals to remain adherent to ALL their prescribed medications needs and will alleviate much of the emotional stress of monthly financial dilemmas.

The local history of the organization from their website:

The Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were formed in Las Vegas in 2005. Mother Loosy Lust Bea Lady and some close friends, all with activist and volunteering backgrounds, went out into Las Vegas, and began the mission of love, no shame, no guilt and ultimately the Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program. The Sisters Red Dress Event has become one of the landmark and most highly anticipated events in the city. The Sisters strive to be all-inclusive, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, social, spiritual or cultural differences. The Sisters attempt to bless, listen, reach out, and celebrate the fact that by being who we are, as nature made us, we gain grace and redemption. We are proud to have become part of the fabric of fun and glitz that Las Vegas offers, as well as bringing a more thought provoking message of love. Viva Las Vegas and may our veils forever fly in neon!

You can learn about the individual sisters and how they live a mission of universal acceptance on their YouTube Channel.

In this town I have tremendous respect for all charities who have transparency in their financial affairs. You can go directly to the charity website and see that what they receive in donations stays in Las Vegas going back to help those in need. I am impressed by the sheer number of events the charity attends in order to help so many. You can see events that only bring in $20, yet one of their members gave of their time to raise awareness in our community.

HIV has escaped the minds of busy suburbanite families. Kids joke and call it Hi-Five, and our “sex education” program in Clark County Schools is abstinence only leaving ALL young people in danger. Just think about all of the teens you see doing dangerous stunts from bike flips to playing chicken with cars and huffing. Experimenting sexually without protection not a big leap as it engages the same parts of the brain that think jumping off a park bench on a skate board is fun. These kids have been told a whole lot more times to wear a helmet, than use a condom. Young people take risks living for a high today without a thought to tomorrow.

If we learn one thing from the sisters it is to be educated about the continuing risks, there are ways to protect yourself, and for goodness sake TALK to everyone you know about how we need to continue education in our community where schools fall short for any young person who may need that information. When the only sex kids hear about is baby making acts it leaves them up to think they are reinventing the wheel without awareness of the risks of such play.

The Sisters save more lives in this town than the finger waving it has not and will not happen to my family crowd. When we assume the only role of publicly funded sex education is to prevent pregnancy we do a disservice to our gay youth by making their adolescent experience “abnormal” then give them no tools to have emotionally healthy relationships after cloaking them in shame nor help limit their risk of disease. When as parents we believe that all kids only try out playing on one team that silence is deadly. As awkward and uncomfortable as the subject may be we owe it to our children to give a clear picture of all they may encounter without judgement.

Families who believe that hate is not a family value we need to do more in the valley to demonstrate that bigotry has no place around our children, and at least one out of 10 kids in our schools is gay deserving of the same good old American dream of growing up to be whoever they want to be in any career, relationship, or pursuit. A world of people who don’t hurt others through guilt and shame should be our goal above moralizing.

We look forward to the sisters red dress ball in February!

Bless you sisters!

No Shame, No Guilt! Disturbing the Comfortable and Comforting the Disturbed.

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