Zappos Handbag Ladies ROCK!

Now that Zappos will be an even bigger part of the Las Vegas community we can feel even better about getting that unique “I am a Vegas local baby!” look shipped to me from their site.

Tonight huddled over my computer searching for a great bag I could not help but notice the absolutely awesome real ladies on the Zappos demonstration ads. Finally real women who don’t make me feel extra out of touch and frumpy sitting there in my bathrobe. I swear they all remind me of my own friends! Check them out!

Hey it’s Sonet
It is Brooke baby!
Check it out – It’s Crystal!
Ah yes! It is April!
Yes It is Amanda!
Ah yes it is Andi!

Finally spokes ladies who look and feel like real people! I hope that Nikki our confessed handbag totebag addict stays with the show after finding out that Zappos has this prancing around talking about bags all day dream job gig.

Thank you Zappos! For a not quite plus sized very real sized lady you just lowered my blood pressure and put the thrill into shopping without feeling much to large to place my charge.

Now for my fun stuff!

I found these bags that just scream Vegas Baby!

The Betseyville Glitzy Cheetah tote

I love the bag since it reminds me of all the wild animals we have around here both on display and from out of town!

In this town we also know how to put on our serious side and enjoy a fine performance and a great bottle of wine afterward, yet still feel fun!

I found this clutch that matches with everything plus it has a fun extra to it. The sequins are double sided so you can draw ever changing patterns on it while you wait for the fun to start then quickly look serious once again.
Thoughtful as always Zappos includes a quick video on the description page for the product. How clever! I have owned bags for months before on day noticing a compartment. This is great I will know what I am getting before I even open the bag.

This next bag titled Evening Beaded Fringe reminded me of my personal hero – Liberace! Just a delicious piece of swanky elegance to sip champagne and watch any one of our piano masters tickle the ivories.

I love the new Zappos purse site since it keeps track of my unique tastes and has real women that make me feel a whole lot less frumpy! XOXOXOXOXOXO

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information with us. The Las Vegas is the famous night city in the world that have attracted so much people to go there. The handbags design are so special that it will bring us another popular style sometime.

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