Time to Kick it to Cool Holiday Music on Luxuria Music Internet Radio

Check out one of my favorite internet radio shows “The Kitsch Niche” on Luxuria Internet radio an online station dedicated to the preservation of classic tunes.

The first reason why we love Kitsch Niche is the awesome host Strike. We met him at the Mondo Lounge III where he sat next to our crazy radio show and let us flip through his awesome collection of vinyl. He has everything odd ball off the wall you could ever want from cartoon theme songs to political ballads.

Secondly you have to try out any radio show that explains itself as:
Pour contents of gargantuan Incredibly Strange Music collection into blender. Add bits of comedy, theme shows, and horrible impressions into blender. Garnish with cheese.

Sundays you can listen to him LIVE from 8-11pm PST as you gather your courage to start another week.

Miss him live and you will have to settle for the Friday night replay show 11am – 2pm or catch up on his href=”http://www.luxuriamusic.com/audio/by/artist/strike”>extensive list of podcasts.

In honor of the holidays Strike has put together an extra special collection of themed songs.

Kitsch Niche with Strike on Luxuria Music

Here is Strike’s special line up:

Ho Ho Hoy Vey! The Kitsch Niche with DJ Strike has a WHOLE holiday season full of exciting new specials! Santa won’t bring you ANYTHING if you miss any of these spectacular shows! All shows air Sundays from 8 – 11 pm PST, are rebroadcast every Friday from 11 am – 2 pm, and are always available as a podcast from the Luxuriamusic podcast page. (Scroll down to “The Kitsch Niche” on the page.)

Nov. 21 – The Golden Turkey Day Special (Now available as a podcast): 3 hours of the world’s worst music
Dec. 5 – Hannukah Hilarity: Oy, such gelt!
Dec. 12 – Battle Royale: Duke returns to challenge Strike in a 3 hour musical duel. This year’s theme – Twist records!!
Dec. 19 – The Annual XMAS show; Lots of weird musical gifts to stuff your stockings
Jan 2 and 9 – The Best of The Kitsch Niche: Our annual review of the nuttiest Kitsch Niche moments from 2010
Jan 16 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Funk Special: Oh, yes…we gonna get DOWN!

I have the Golden Turkey Day Special all downloaded in its FREE Mp3 Format ready to commence with spreading the cheer with my family.

Golden Turkey Day Special with Strike

Download it here.

Strike also keeps a blog about his upcoming shows you will want to follow to truly appreciate the depth of his strange vinyl collection. Take the trek through his archives and listen.

Happy Turkey day to us all! Golden Turkey Lovers Unite! Think of listening to the Golden Turkey Lovers hour as a way to share cultural literacy with a new generation about how truly strange music has always been.

Luxuria Music is entirely listener supported so I you like the programs drop them a couple bucks which goes a long way to keeping weird alive!

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