Vegas’ Very Own Graceland: Waynes World!

According to published reports Mr. Las Vegas will be able to open his home as a tourist attraction in the next 12-14 months. Now that the Liberace Museum has closed we are so relieved that a new tribute to glamorous world of a master Las Vegas performer will be open to celebrate the unique culture of Las Vegas!

Well done Mr. Las Vegas! Don’t forget that tomorrow night he will be LIVE at the Paris theater with the cast of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me playing “Not My Job.” Interesting choice for a man who just added a pretty big job to his list! You can catch the broadcast this Saturday on your local NPR station or on iTunes.

A great Las Vegas blog The Strip Podcast has a sneak peak tour of the home on their site. Make sure you click through his Flickr set. Yet another reason to envy Steve Friess who sneaks peaks at everything cool in town. Follow his blog for the inside scoop on Shenandoah.

I just checked the official site of Mr. Las Vegas and it looks like he is about to go out and share his talent with the world. Great to know that this bit of business is settled so that his great treasures can become a centerpiece of our community. Wayne Newton is the story of Vegas with a tale of family togetherness through struggles and great performances.
Catch Aleza Freeman’s piece about Wayne’s early days from her blog. Her article No Matter The Decade Las Vegas is Where Wayne Newton Belongs is a must read for any fan or citizen seeking to understand the importance of a tribute to his many accomplishments and generosity.

Will we be so fortunate as to have a Wayne Newton’s winter wonderland lights display?

No other home in America has been the end of CBS Amazing Race except for Wayne Newton’s home. Who could think of a better place to end a race around the world!

The very best part of having Wayne Newton open his home to the world is that my dear friend Jenn of Portland Oregon and I will be able to stroll there arm in arm humming Danke Schoen! Get your tickets ready Jenn Spring 2012! Maybe one day you will get to meet him too!

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