Liberace Deserves his own USPS Stamp!

That is right – his own stamp!

Bill Cole a big fan out in Arizona did the research and learned that in order to get this stamp done it is going to take PEN and PAPER to make it happen. The postal service takes suggestions in writing only!

To help get the word out we added to our Date Night blog empire a separate blog all about how to get Liberace his own postage stamp.

While many criticize Liberace for never officially “outing” himself while alive please remember that it was a different era. In order to preserve his career the times demanded that he pursue law suits denying his sexuality, and endure the behind the scenes snickering cruelty of others. History should not forget the multiple tabloid exploitations of his privacy both during his lifetime and upon his passing.

Cary Grant was honored with a postage stamp in 2002. Rock Hudson has received no such honor, nor has Liberace, both honored distinguished performers who had to conform to the business of Hollywood. Some reports state that when public attitude changed Liberace had considered coming out, yet as a business decision was unable to do so because he did not want to appear as a lifelong fraud to his fans (many to this day believe he was not gay) nor risk having to pay back financial damages he had received in law suits against publications whom had asserted that he was homosexual.

Beyond his sexuality Liberace was a talented pianist and skilled entertainer who understood what it took to please an audience. If he had only lived to see Twitter and Facebook! Life for Liberace was a spectacle of sequins and rhinestones for the camera, and a private life he preferred the public not ask with loyalty among his insiders not to tell.

Please take a few moments of your day to honor Liberace’s legacy by visiting the instructions to have him recommended as a postage stamp.

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