Embrace the Awkward Family Christmas send it to Awkward Family Photos

Some embrace it, others dread it, the annual family Christmas card.

At Date Night in Vegas our favorite website to embrace the awkwardness of Christmas is none other than
Awkward Family Photos.com

We have a few really bad favorites:
As the holidays approached they covered themselves in fig leaves

Those strange relatives really into their cats
Do you want to know how much your aunt and uncle love their cats?

Your next door neighbors

Children forced into Christmas sweaters

And of course that family who thinks they are “so creative”

Yet looking through these I noticed something – Las Vegas is not represented in its holiday spirit. I know we have some great pictures out there of Santa with showgirls, Christmas sweaters in front of the Welcome to Vegas sign, and the buffets.

How about showing the rest of the world what a Las Vegas Christmas is really like and submitting your AWKWARD Holiday photos.

Click here to submit your AWKWARD HUMAN PHOTOS

Click here to send in your AWKWARD PET PHOTOS

Check out Awkward Family Pets too.
Check out Awkward Family Pets.com too

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