Sign the Petition to Support Tule Spring Ice Age Park

Just outside of the city limits is one of the largest ice age fossil sites in the world. The Protectors of Tule Springs a group working to create a National Park in our community makes this note of its recent history:

“In April 2009, the exceptional attributes of Tule Springs were again substantiated when a small team of scientists were dispatched to the site to evaluate Tule Springs potential as a National Monument. The ensuing report recommends that “the area should definitely receive protection to preserve the fossil resources.” It also says this location holds opportunities to attract vistors from all over the world as well as provide recreational and educational pursuits to Nevada residents. Protectors of Tule Springs, a non-Profit friends-group organization, advocate that this area be designated as a National Monument- IMMEDIATELY – to assure it’s preservation and enjoyment now and for future generations. We invite your support and involvement.

This project is to protect the land and prevent the proposed Sheep Mountain Parkway from permanently destroying the fossil beds by creating an area that would be acknowledging in all future planning for the area. Jill Destefano, founder of Protectors of Tule Springs does an excellent job in this video article on the Las Vegas Sun website explaining the importance of this project.

Another Sun article details the Obama administration’s interest in preserving the fossil beds.

The number one thing this project needs is your awareness, support, and community outreach.

Today please share this story with five people you know especially if you live in the Northwest part of the valley. Ask them to share with five friends. Click on the sharing buttons at the bottom of this article to post to your networks.

Sign the online petition!

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