Mondo Lounge Post Modernism Weekend

The Date Night crew enjoyed a swanky evening out at the Mondo Lounge Post Modernism Weekend on Friday night. The atmosphere was a great mix of kitsch and glam. Above the event episodes of Leave it to Beaver played above complementary lessons on the dance floor to get us all ready for an evening of music celebrating 1957-1963. The music broke for a lovely vintage fashion show with great styles from the era.

The belle of the ball is definitely the hostess Cherry whom kept us all surprised by what she would come out in next over more than half a dozen costume changes from bright red pajama party fun to glamorous ball gowns you would swear were swiped directly from Betty Draper’s wardrobe.

Our very own co-host Nikki Caballero rocked the event in her own vintage gown.

We talked about the era in architecture and the post modern era events weekend with Las Vegas’ own Uncle Jack LeVine of he is the man to see if you need a pad that either captures the post modern bachelor pad look or your very own suburbia ranch house.

Adding to the overall hipness we had on hypnotists which happened to be a craze back in the modernism era. Naughty Boys of Hypnotism Corbin Craft and Rolan Whitt joined the show to tell us about their new show at the Clarion.

Then we were joined by the lovely Melanie Whitt who does private hypnosis sessions to help you with issues including anxiety, weightloss, or fear of heights.

Another great thrill of our evening was sitting next to LuxuriaMusic host Strike.

When you are not listening to Date Night give both Strike’s Show and his online station a listen. He states that the philosophy of his show is to Pour contents of gargantuan Incredibly Strange Music collection into blender. Add bits of comedy, theme shows, and horrible impressions into blender. Garnish with cheese. To get the most enjoyment out of his show he recommends that you put on a Fez, pour yourself a Molotov Cocktail and lock up any famous personality who has wanted to be taken seriously and recorded a record to prove it.

The Mondo Lounge experience is certainly the place to go to stock up on your Fez supplies. Calo Style graced the event with a complete selection of not only Fez they had the jackets to match plus the golf shirts you need for a day out with the Shriners. Local in Las Vegas they offer a complete Vintage selection including many unique one of a kind pieces.

Viva Dulce Marina was out with their delicious assortment of accessory candy that is fun rockabilly swank wear for a fun night out on the town.

Then as we closed the show it was time for a delicious treat. The lovely ladies of Cake Popalicious came by with samples and told us how they make their sinfully delicious cake on a stick pops in more than a dozen flavors – many of them CHOCOLATE!

Come on out next year to the Post Modernism Weekend and take a moment out of your day today to celebrate the post modern culture in our Las Vegas neighborhoods.

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