Drag Party on the Eve of Election Day! – Campaign Staffers You Need this!

As a veteran of many political campaigns I have lived through my share of election day eves. You have pounded the pavement, most voters have made up their mind, and you have a full day of GOTV (get out the vote) phone calls to make. Plus there is no way you can sleep!

In an early vote state like Nevada pre-election eve is even worse. Your core base has already voted, you feel like you are just waiting, and waiting and waiting. Don’t feel like you have too look busy, go out and celebrate your hard work regardless of your final result.

Who's in Drag? YOU are!

Party away the last night of campaign 2010 in drag!

Not this year. Drag all of your campaign staffers to “Who’s In Drag” an audience participation comedy show presented by Amazing Clowns. The cover charge is FREE and the profits from food and drink sales go to Cancer research.

Doors open at 8:30 with the show starting at 10:00 pm giving you plenty of time to get all dragged out. The friendly staff at Amazing Clowns have the drag clothes to choose from with more than 50 different outfits!

You can find this event at Amazing Clowns 3525 E. Flamingo Rd Las Vegas 89121 in their 5100 square foot indoor party park far enough off the strip to make it a locals only event.

Better yet if you are with a political campaign ready to tear it up give Ray at Amazing Clowns a call at (702) 434-6222 or (702) 234-4677 and he will make sure there is a special table set aside for your group and a great costume for your candidate.

Life is never the same after any election. Whoop it up the night before because win or lose the next three days afterward are tons of work!

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