Where DIY Meets WTF Art – Some of it comes from Las Vegas

This lovely headband was featured as a Regretsy – you know art you just don’t know about……….

The New Yorker took notice making it slide #2 in an article about Regretsy.

Slide number 7 of Websites that Celebrate Awkwardness on ABC News

Don’t fret if mint is not your flavor the headband comes in Cherry Too!

Her work also extends to the Salvidor Dali Melted Record egg

Cybele is also a proud member of Handmade in Vegas.

This is no better time than ever to support our local artists this upcoming holiday season. Everyone has plenty of crap, why not make it intentionally weird, off, and memorable. If you have to give an “obligatory gift” in that office pool or awkward extended family exchange send the buck to a local artist for something that nourishes creativity while your soul rebels from the gift giving politics and nonsense.

Of course if you want to give the one you love something they will embrace forever a gift for all ages trust an artist – not the mall.

Order now – order often – if you need a gift that is truly unique take an online jaunt to Cybelesque.

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