Strike Out Breast Cancer with an Awesome Bowling Shirt offers great Strike Out Breast Cancer shirts this month.

Our social media editor Christine was thrilled to receive one at BlogWorld Expo and wore it to the show broadcast. A dozen different people wanted one and were willing to do nearly anything for the shirt off her back to which she said “NO! it’s mine – get your own at”

This company has sold more than a million bowling shirts and sure know what they are doing. The quality and stain resistance of the shirt are remarkable. It stood up beautifully to a night of talking to folks, barbecue, and addressing minor technical difficulties involving crawling on hands and knees to attach wires. Throughout it all the shirt wore well without a scratch rip or tear. It is truly an authentic bowling shirt that will stand up to a night of rolling balls and crashing pins!

The super cool thing about is that they can put your custom business or team logo on the back. The Date Night team we have put our heads together with a few ideas………..

Don’t Run Screaming – It’s Just Date Night
Date Night in Vegas – Bringing you Cool and Interesting Las Vegas Locals!
We Apologize for Johnny – It’s Date Night in Vegas

So bring your wild ideas to life and get them put on a super hip bowling shirt. You know you want to, and think about it us tech nerds can wear these to work! Isn’t it a YAWN that every year your boss gives you one of those polo shirts to wear when you are supposed to look neat and presentable to the public. You tell them there is a hipper alternative that in turn will make them look more hip too. BOWLING SHIRTS for your office! awesome shirts limited only by your imagination!

Check them out you know you want one!

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