Girl Scouts Encourage us to Stay Classy and Vote for their Award

The awards recognize the great work of local charities. Emily with Girl Scouts visited and shared with us all of the great programs they have and how we can get our hands on nuts and cookies.

Interview with Emily from Girl Scouts – Stay Classy Awards

Las Vegas Nevada Stay Classy Awards!

You can do your part to help this great community organization by logging in with your FaceBook account (or signing up the good old fashioned way) at once you are a member then you can vote for Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

Your vote helps the program earn $10,000 in grant money to help with their fundraising efforts. So show that our listeners and readers have some class and help Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada StayClassy!

It is just this simple – go to the Las Vegas awards page:

Complete your ballot by voting for all of your favorite volunteers and charities – make sure you go all the way down the list.

Click on the GOLD box at the top right that says: Submit my Vote

Then if you have a FaceBook Account it will link you from there or you can join the old fashioned way putting in all of your information. is a great website to join if you want to keep up to date about charities in your community.

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