Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – Coming to Las Vegas November 18th

NPR nerds unite for an evening of our favorite radio quiz show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on Thursday night November 18th at Paris.

All the juicy ticket details are here!

Order your tickets here.

If you have lived in a cave forever and don’t know about Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me your life is about to get a lot more interesting. This is a great quiz show broadcast every Saturday morning on our local NPR affiliate KNPR. Even the New York Times loves it!

The program features a panel of great comedians and humorists who answer questions about the week’s news and play for the great prize Carl Kasell’s voice on your home answering machine.

The show also has a great blog of its own featuring Killer SandWich Mondays!

This is just the show that Las Vegas needs to show the world we out here and still kicking with smart intellectuals so we need to get the word out and get these tickets sold baby!

Las Vegas creates PLENTY of its own material but we can all Twitter the show with additional suggestions. I for one believe that Carl Kassel needs a zipline ride over Fremont street. The Las Vegas Vajazzler will stalk Paula Poundstone to any hotel and do her magic or at least show Paula the goods. You can twitter with Paula too. Don’t feel left out Peter Sagal there is Penazzling.

There is no release I have found yet with who is coming to the show, so check out the WikiPedia page about who the panelists might be……

My favorite feature is the game: Not My Job where celebrities are brought on the show to answer questions about something that is not their job. Last week’s guest was Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I think all of us Las Vegans need to start suggesting via Twitter our favorites for who should be Las Vegas’ guest as “Not My Job.”

Here is the link to the show’s Twitter.

HashTag: #WaitWaitLV Let’s get this party started Vegas style

Each day I plan to stalk Peter Sagal with suggestions going beyond the obvious choices of Wayne Newton, Oscar Goodman, and Carrot Top.

Please share yours too and follow on #WaitWaitLV

All I can say it that I can’t Wait Wait until the show! And I hope they bring a truckload of I HEART Carl Kasell t-shirts.

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3 Responses to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – Coming to Las Vegas November 18th

  1. WooHoo! Paula Poundstone just confirmed that she will be in Las Vegas on the panel for the show!

    The next night she is in Bozeman Montana! Talk about a hard working woman of show business!

    Check her out at PaulaPoundstone.com

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