In Honor of BlogWorld – Las Vegas’ Unique Cavalcade of Bloggers

Life in Las Vegas has two sides. The very public side with such bloggers as Robin Leach with his Luxe Life blog intended for the consumption of readers all over the world who want to know about celebrity parties.

Our newspapers all have their blogs many are excellent. I never let a day pass without reading Jon Ralston with the Las Vegas Sun.

Today’s post I would like to focus on uniquely Vegas locals faire by locals for locals.

Very Vintage Vegas – This is the place to send anyone who moans that Las Vegas has nothing worthy of historic preservation. This site and Classic Las Vegas are required reading of any retrophile.

For great opinions from a national word class writer go to Steve Friess at his site Vegas Happens where he offers commentary about stories in the national media about Las Vegas and a gay perspective on Nevada politics. This is where I send friends who believe Las Vegas is not a gay friendly town.

As a local after reading Friess I then take a look at Tabloid Baby by Burt Kearns. Both he and Friess will often write about the same topic and take two very different positions. Read up on Burt at Wikipedia his history is fascinating and I cannot wait to get a copy of his book Tabloid Baby.

For a progressive feel of the Las Vegas political news there is the Las Vegas Gleaner. Written by Hugh Jackson the former editor of CityLife Magazine and longtime Las Vegas area reporter. When you miss those “progressive rags” of the really liberal cities like San Francisco and Seattle plug in with the Las Vegas Gleaner.

The local feminist blog is Sin City Siren telling the world that yes there are feminists in Las Vegas!

Living Las Vegas has a stable of writers blogs about all matter of Las Vegas life topics. While Las Vegas Sleeps blog writes about the city from a local perspective as well.

Las Vegas has its own chapter of Beer and Blogs! a monthly support meeting for aspiring bloggers.

I hope to run into fellow Las Vegas bloggers at BlogWorld Expo this week!

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1 Response to In Honor of BlogWorld – Las Vegas’ Unique Cavalcade of Bloggers

  1. You forgot about the local Las Vegas mom blogs! 😉

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