NeonCon 2010 – Las Vegas November 4-7

Game nerds unite! Come on out to the Tropicana November 4-7th you D&D fiends, Star Trekkies, and card players. Games played in real life with real people meeting face to face engaging in the thrill of competition.

Check out the attendees already registered for the event.

The games played here will be:

ArkHam Horror
Settlers of Catan
Star Fleet Battles
Magic the Gathering
Cthulhu Live
WoD Camarilla
Houses of the Blooded
D&D Miniatures Skirmish
Warhammer 40k
Warhammer fantasy
Pathfinder Society
Living Forgotten Realms
Games on Demand!
Call of Cthulhu
Fantasy Craft
Spy Craft

If you recognize these games – you need to be here!

Check out the ticket prices which are reasonable at only $60 for a four day pass. The event organizers have done a great job with pricing to keep it accessible to folks on a budget.

Perhaps you want to give back to geekdom and revel in gaming with some time open in your schedule. The event is still calling out for volunteers in multiple capacities. This is not your usual volunteer event listed below are several of the positions they need help with:

Want to be part of the fun and get some great perks along the way? Consider volunteering at Neoncon! It takes a lot of great people to put on a great show. Here are just a few of the roles we need filled to support Neoncon. Where else can you volunteer your mad skills as a dungeon master?

Guest Liaison
Hall Host
Registration Staff
Administrative Staff
Table Runners
Storyteller/Game Master
Print Designer
Web Designer
PHP/MySQL Developer
WordPress Developer
Video Editor
Audio Engineer
Camera Operator

Show off your mad skills and network with other techies in this environment as a guerrilla self marketing tactic in this abyss of unemployment in Vegas.

Ladies don’t complain that you can’t meet nice boys. There is a hoarde of them coming to this show. Now read up on all of the games listed above and be the ultimate geek gaming girl if you are able to commit to both a new man, and the game of his choice. Dudes! are you looking for a chick who will watch Stargate without complaint and drive 12 hours straight to get to ComicCon – volunteer for your chance to let fate take its course and meet a lady who is beyond plastic ready to stay up all night and roll eight sided dice!

Support NeonCon! Attend, volunteer, or tweet this to the nerds in your life today.

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