Blogs to Check out on Your Way to Vegas

Here are a few great blogs with hints to make your trip to Vegas interesting:

Las Vegas Advisor – The original and still the best site by Anthony Curtis keeping track of all the deals in town from gambling to shows and buffets. The enterprise started out as a small print publication and exploded with the internet.

The Vegas Solo – A blog devoted to traveling to Las Vegas as a party of one. This site features great deals and hints for using those pesky buy-one-get-one coupons the casinos so love yet put single travelers at a disadvantage.

Las Vegas Vegas – A blog with information about special events happening in town

Shows Las Vegas – While primarily a show ticket site great content about what is happening behind the scenes at the shows is well worth reading.

Pioneer Loan Blog – The OLDEST Pawn shop in Vegas has its own blog now. Some great tips for if you really want to consider pawning anything while you are in town. This is the place to visit if you want to visit a real Las Vegas pawn shop but not wait in the 2 hour line outside of Gold and Silver pawn from the reality TV series Pawn Stars. You can check out the chatchzkies for sale including a set of Star Trek plates.

Las Vegas Courtessan – This is a site about the adult entertainment industry in Las Vegas includes an “Escorts Dictionary” for anyone interested in what exactly the abbreviations on those ads you get on the strip mean.

Bail Bondsman Blog – All about how bail bonds work in Las Vegas Nevada – bail bonds in the news – and funny stories about idiots trying to outrun their bondsman.

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