Go Back to your Theater Nerd Days!

Win Improv Classes

Grant A. Waters had the courage to go on our humble radio show and chat with our favorite resident theater nerd Nikki. His improv company teaches classes in the community to help all kinds of actors from the experienced looking for a brush up, all the way to those of us who have dug deep into our closets not to reveal that at one time a long long time ago we were drama club theater nerds too.

GREAT PRIZE $200 Value – Acting Lessons with LV Freeze Improv
So for this contest how about posting any theatrical idea you have mused over in your mind, late at night keeping you up, wondering if you have the chutzpah to pull it off. This could be your chance to tone up some mad skills with others who are living the dream.

Young or old, drama queen or shy intellectual, give it a shot. Keep Las Vegas fun, vibrant, and interesting. It is time for some ground up performances artists.

A new day is rising people! Tina Fey is an inspiration to us all. However she left our town off the list of great cities for improv:

The unabashedly quirky character Liz Lemon of 30 Rock is a hero to all of us girl nerds.

I leave you with this my top ten reasons why doing theater as an adult is so much fun!

1.) You have already experienced soul crushing rejection. So what do you have to fear?

2.) By now you have already had moments much more awkward than being up in front of a group of people.

3.) Your material is better you have experienced a whole lot more life.

4.) Adults can curse for dramatic effect without getting grounded.

5.) Now you know everyone is weird and everyone has twisted bizarre thoughts

6.) The least of your worries these days is sucking it in – cause no one else can either!

7.) Angst has truly been experienced, great work comes from real experiences.

8.) No one will call you tramp for joking about sex, in fact you would like it if they did now.

9.) You have your own car so you don’t have to troll for a ride after rehearsal.

10.) No curfew! If the mood hits you to stay up all night and listen to Depeche Mode in a parking lot – YOU CAN!

I for one still wonder what ever would have happened had the world appreciated the vision my drama pal Geoff Spady and I had for a radio show called “Cat Breath Theater” which consisted of a lot of moaning cat noises and hairballs. If you are out there Geoff I think that the time is right and world may have come around to it.

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