Round-up of Jermaine Jackson Concert at Planet Hollywood

The media is in force this morning covering the Jermaine Jackson concert from Saturday night. Below I placed the links to all of the blogs, sites, and concert articles.

An interesting aspect of the new social media world is how you can now see both the official reports of events, and alongside it read those public reviews by attendees on their public FaceBook and Twitter accounts. As an attendee of the concert to view it as a fan it was unpleasant to be in a sea of video takers. At times when I would have been up on my feet, I had the angry glare of a man with his obviously expensive HD video equipment. Talk about killing the mood of the crowd.

I hope in the future the venue does more to control who is taking video during a performance. As you can see below the fan video posted later is of such poor quality it only serves to gratify the person taking it. Tension in the audience after a late start was not something an attendee wants to ignite further irritation to by getting in the camera shot of the guy behind you. I have been to many events in Las Vegas and the delay in taking down unauthorized video takers created an unpleasant experience for those of us who just want to watch a show and not be part of someone else’s movie. Perhaps because this was a fan event video was allowed, but even then when a patron is obviously imposing their will to keep everyone seated on the right hand floor section of the stage, security should have stepped in. The gentleman was stopped more than half way through the show and did not put away his equipment willingly by pointing to throngs of people with their cameras out. An announcement not to record the show in the lobby or from the stage while everyone was being seated may have helped.

In the age of Twittering it would be nice to be able to covertly Twitter these twerps to the management of these venues and not have to confront them ourselves. I easily would have twittered him out as would at least 4 other people in my section.

After some initial confusion the show started with my section of the audience temporarily confused as to if the performance was going to be lip synced. It sounded like a voice track was playing along with the song causing the confusion. Jermaine Jackson sang the entire performance live. His voice is clearly well trained with an excellent range. He masterfully performed all songs in a vibrant range of styles and tenors.

The show hit its real stride once the Jackson 5 numbers were performed. This is when the crowd really started to feel it. A show based entirely upon tribute numbers and recollections performed by the Jackson family could have a real shot at long term survival in Las Vegas. The Jacksons were once America’s Family and with the fan love I saw including no fewer than 6 very good Michael Jackson fans in full costumed tribute it could become a show destination once more production tools are added to the show. The two large screens above stage were used for just one short segment disappointing to those of us who wanted to see a tribute slideshow alongside the music.

A stage with as much technical special effects capacity as Planet Hollywood where locals have become accustomed to pyrotechnics, sets coming up from the floor, and performers flying from the ceiling placed attendees under the assumption these tools would be used. No use of these capacities left the audience disappointed in light of the high production values of past Jackson family shows. The crowd came with the assumption after viewing This is It similar vision would be employed. Once the show is beyond a simple music stage show to an inclusive multimedia experience as this generation has come to expect it will be worthy of its designation as a tribute to Michael Jackson. No other city in the world can pull off such a feat as Las Vegas.

While much is written about the Jackson Family, including Michael’s children being in the audience; I did not see the children. As a parent I respect the decision of the concert organizer not to point them out as was done when we were invited to clap for both of Michael and Jermaine’s parents. Las Vegas media continued its longtime respect for the privacy of performers children by not producing un-authorized photographs. Our local columnists may note their appearance but they demonstrate compassion in not exploiting the family of performers. The Daily Mail however paid someone to photograph the children and their cousins at the Cane’s Chicken on South Las Vegas Boulevard.

My sincere hope is that a tribute to Michael Jackson and the Jackson family make its permanent home in Las Vegas. See you there!

Media Round-UP

TMZ Coverage
Norm Clarke’s Scene and Heard
Denise Michaels
Jackson Source Coverage of Concert
All Jermaine Jackson Club Twitter Updates from Concert in Progress


YourOpenBook Status updates about the Jermaine Jackson concert from FaceBook

Media Outlet Videos
Fan Videos found on YouTube – I do not know who posted these videos or if they had permission from the concert promoter to do so.
Show opening:

My favorite number of the night:


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6 Responses to Round-up of Jermaine Jackson Concert at Planet Hollywood

  1. Jodie says:

    I agree with most of what you just wrote. I was there and yes all three children were present. I was sitting behind them two rows and 8 seats over. They were sitting below Katherine all next to each other with most of their male cousins to the right of them facing the stage. People were not supposed to be recording as I saw ushers come to tell people near me who were taking pictures. People were allowed to take pictures, however, but were instructed NOT to take pictures of the children. Jermaine’s voice was excellent. The crowd did not sell out by any means as the balcony was entirely empty. The show started almost an hour late; no fault of Jermaine’s. He did, at times, use the lyric video monitor though to sing some of his brother’s songs. I had not noticed it until someone pointed it out actually and I was sitting in row one in section 103 (very close to stage). He did no encore, but I had not expected him to do one. All in all, I loved the show, despite some flaws. I do not think it was promoted very well here in Las Vegas. I live here and knew nothing about it until 11pm the night before and was able to buy a good seat. People next to me who live here also, did not hear about it until the morning of and they got their tickets on Ticketmaster like me. I know that everyone around me enjoyed the show; even the employees of the family and promotional company. He did an excellent job overall.

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  3. ty bowles says:

    who was the blond girl that made and gave Jermaine the Michael Jackson gloves? How long has she been making them and does she do all there swarovski work? First time I saw her. They also interviewed her for the documentery in Dec.

  4. Jodie says:

    You are very welcome for the feedback. Again, he did an awesome job singing. I would love if him or some of the family had a permanent show. I think it could do great. It still would have even done great if Michael had not passed away. As for the monitor, it did not really affect anyone’s opinion of his singing or anything. It was just an observation that people giggled about for a few minutes and then forgot about…it may have been a turn off to some. But for true Jackson fan, like me, I could really care less. It was next to Jermaine’s left foot on the edge of the stage. Once you knew it was there, it was almost impossible to NOT notice him reading the lyrics. I mean, it was not continuously or anything, and I do not think he used it for every song…just some. I felt badly for him at the end of the show…he looked really tired and disappointed in himself or disappointed that the audience had “dwindled down” as it had towards the end. Maybe that is why he did not do an encore. I read some other online reviews later after I posted on here yesterday. I read that some people wrote about being disappointing in the photos shown on the screens of Michael, the stage itself, the dancers just were not as exciting as people would have expected from a show if it were by Michael. But, in my opinion, people needed to also realize it was a tribute to 40 years of Jackson family music in its entirety; not just a tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time. Actually, none of that even dawned on my until I read other people’s reviews.

    Again, EVERYONE around me, including myself, LOVED the way he sang. We loved the costumes. I was quite impressed. I was just focused on him and seeing a Jackson perform live for the first time in my life after 29 years of waiting.

    As for the promoting you mention, I believe all that happened. I just never heard of it until I was Googling something and then I accidentally discovered it. I am a serious Michael Jackson fan, and I know there are others here in Vegas and in L.A. and even overseas that would have driven or flown here if they knew about it. As for local radio stations, I haven’t listened to one in 5 years since I have had satellite radio. And I watch the local news here and there, but if it was mentioned, I never heard it. That could by my own fault though.

    I am confident that if social networking picked up on things like these, it could help. It was not like the tickets were that expensive, so I don’t think it was cost that kept it from selling out. But this is just me “talking.” I am no expert.

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