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Play with us on your Phone

Go ahead give SCVNGR a spin. Let us know what you think. Date Night in Vegas is about having fun and the future we see with SCVNGR for Las Vegas is only getting brighter. Continue reading

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New Halloween Parade Event! This Year is Going to be FRIGHTENING, Horrific, Fun!

The Las Vegas Halloween Parade is on Sunday, October 31st the night of Halloween. Many of the strip parties are Friday and Saturday so you may still be up to dragging your corpse on down to participate. Line up for the event starts at 6:00 pm and while you can show up as freakishly (yet not quite x-ratedly) costumed as you wish that night with pre-registration all art cars participating need to contact the event in advance. Everyone play nice and follow the rules. Continue reading

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Friend of the show SqueezeBox Hero!

I say let’s keep the creative interesting people living the dream employed and perform our own economic stimulus program for accordion players! Only $19.95 gets you a unique and creative online gift they will never forget with a serenade by the SqueezeBox Hero! Continue reading

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Date Night in Vegas at San Gennaro Feast!

Catch Johnny, Nikki, and the whole crazy Date Night in Vegas crew at the San Gennaro Feast starting Thursday the 16th and broadcasting LIVE from the festival from 9-11pm on Friday the 17th!
Continue reading

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September 10th Show

Broadcast live from Chapman Chrysler Jeep in Henderson! Poppa Naps BBQ, Christine Kramar, Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Dream Networking, SqueezeBox Hero, The Wet List, Rogue Sober Parties, and Jeep Chrysler talk! Continue reading

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Julie Abarzua with Guilt Free Glam visits the show

Julie Abarzua with Guilt Free Glam visited our show. The jewelry she offers with her company can certainly help dress up any date night! Her organization partners with Jewels by Park Lane to raise money for charities. Continue reading

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Jackpot Bird Show! Just three weeks left!

Our friends Debbie and Mark Obarka with Jackpot Bird Show paid the radio show a visit with their special star Poof. Continue reading

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Las Vegas Loses Liberace Again!

Perhaps we have lost connection with the thrills and excitement Liberace brought to our world. I remember as a child sitting up with my grandparents watching Liberace television specials. In an age before blinged out excess his cape covered in genuine rhinestones was a marvel to behold. It was there for grandeur as a dream floating for you to behold for its fabulousness. Out there in his cars and on stage with the Rockettes was an age in entertainment without the cynicism we have today. Continue reading

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Will Johnny Nevada be eaten by a lion?

This and other pressing questions have yet to be answered on this week’s edition of Date Night in Vegas. Join us LIVE from 9-11 pm from Chapman Dodge in Henderson. Our special guests this week include the birdman, Napoleon Barbeque, … Continue reading

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Free Saturday at the Natural History Museum

No matter your age this is a great cheap date to start off your weekend or wear out the kids before the babysitter comes and you can escape on your date. Continue reading

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