Chuck Rounds visits Date Night in Vegas

Our show had the privilege of interviewing another great talent who keeps Las Vegas colorful and interesting. The epicenter of the emerging organically Vegas arts scene is deep in the heart of the projects of our first show guest Friday night: Chuck Rounds.

I could not wait to meet Chuck Rounds who has long carried the torch celebrating the great talent in our city. He has one of the longest running blogs and podcasts about Las Vegas shows and culture. You can catch his show on Vegas Talk Online. He also runs which shares all of the casting calls for the Las Vegas area and a show review site No one else knows Las Vegas like Chuck Rounds.

Friday night Chuck graced our show to talk with us about his visual arts adventure a project to satisfy both man and beast as proudly proclaims on their art photography website.

Audio Link to our interview with Chuck Rounds on September 24th

Video of interview with Chuck Rounds

Now is just the time to get your orders in for MaddMeat Christmas cards featuring dolls that your friends and twisted family members will not soon forget. These images leave a little to the imagination as dolls celebrate the season in a very adult oriented way. Consider it your effort for the environment since otherwise they would be spending eternity in a landfill. Have a Christmas card display in your home with this among the smiling faces of children you barely know awkwardly grinning in scratchy sweaters. Think about it, don’t your holiday stressed out friends and relatives need a little something to snicker about to themselves this Christmas and pull people into the back room at dull parties to laugh out loud about after the spiked punch has kicked in.

In addition to the doll art MaddMeat also has a commercial photography division. Check out the introduction slide show for a glimpse into the next generation of great art to come from the valley. There are many photography houses in this city but few have the mastery of light and composition while capturing images requiring their ingestion into your soul, you just can’t look away. Over the edge models should not be missed, you can certainly feel Minnie Madden’s extensive dance experience in the shots which flow as the human body does even in the most “un-natural” of circumstances making the photography much more lush than poses without regard for the intricacies of human motion that dancers know within the core of their being.

MaddMeat is a great online head trip and the site to send your friends who lament to you that our town has no arts scene. Here it is!

/////////Due to WordPress Terms of Use our Blog is Unable to Post MaddMeat Doll images so go direct to the source////////Some Images may be inappropriate for children////////

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