Play with us on your Phone

Date Night in Vegas is on SCVNGR! We play and you can too. It is a game played by going places and collecting points. Everyone can do it for free, and you even create your own treks which are stops in multiple locations in town to share with the world places you like.


Play with SCVNGR and Date Night

This is the Date Night in Vegas primer to using SCVNGR.

We believe this presents a unique opportunity to play with our listeners and create community in Las Vegas. You will notice that we have used it as a way to share information you may have always wanted to know but did not have the locations in mind. We have created treks connecting greats like Elvis, Hawaiian experiences in Vegas, and what places support our humble radio show.

Go ahead give it a spin. Let us know what you think. Date Night in Vegas is about having fun and the future we see with SCVNGR for Las Vegas is only getting brighter.

Here is a great idea for any of us who have out of town guests coming to stay, but you have already been to all of the great sites a dozen times and you can’t miss work during the recession. Program your very own trek for them including the sites you would take them on a grand tour which is complete with maps using SCVNGR then show them how to upload the app on their phone and use the program to record and share back home their adventures which you have mapped out in advance.

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