September 10th Show

What an awesome show down at Chapman Jeep in Henderson on Auto Show Mall Drive.

Our show had a house band for the night the Wet List and Botielus otherwise known as Las Vegas’ own SqueezeBox hero jammed on the steps of the auto dealership to warm up the crowd for the show.

Our first guest Napoleon with Poppa Naps BBQ fed our whole cast, crew, and guests of the show from his mobile truck right there in front of the dealership.

Give him a call at 702-527-2271(BBQ1) or CELL 619-757-4562

FREE Extra side for friends of Date Night who give him a call.

Then a quick chat with Christine Kramar the Social Media editor of Date Night and accordion fan!

A great discussion with the Henderson Nevada Chamber of Commerce about companies working together to promote each other in the community.

5000 double sided business cards for $99 special offer for our listeners from Stan with Dream Networking and Charity Events.

Next the man who made the whole show our favorite accordion player ever Botielus better known throughout the world as the SqueezeBox hero!

Rogue Party non-alcoholic party hosts and event planners on the UNLV campus in Las Vegas straight from Santa Barbara.

Johnny shares his harrowing tale of thrills and excitement on the ZipLines an adrenalin rush he would do over and over again!

A group close to our hearts because our extraordinary intern Garrett Snyder performs Guitar and Vocals with the band! Help these guys get to 200 fans on FaceBook by clicking “Like” for the band.
You can follow them on Twitter, and MySpace in addition to being their FaceBook fan.

Listen to Hour 1 of the show
Listen to Hour 2 of the show

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