Las Vegas Loses Liberace Again!

February 4, 1987 both Las Vegas and world lost a performance legend when Liberace passed from this earth. He was one of the top 100 people to shape Las Vegas history.

For many years tourists and locals alike took comfort in visiting his hallowed ground at the museum opened in 1979 before his passing so that he could share his many treasures with the world. Perhaps now is the time that we must let go of Lee not just as Las Vegas’ preeminent spirit of showmanship and pass his energy onto the world.

October 17, 2010 the Liberace Museum closes its doors.

John Katsilometes reports in his Las Vegas Weekly blog that the collections of the museum may become a traveling exhibit similar to the Titanic. This means that the costumes, the cars, the jewelry, and fabulousness may travel the world.

I still hope that the collections find their way back to Vegas.

Perhaps we have lost connection with the thrills and excitement Liberace brought to our world. I remember as a child sitting up with my grandparents watching Liberace television specials. In an age before blinged out excess his cape covered in genuine rhinestones was a marvel to behold. It was there for grandeur as a dream floating for you to behold for its fabulousness. Out there in his cars and on stage with the Rockettes was an age in entertainment without the cynicism we have today.

I learned how to play the piano thanks to the Play Along with Liberace Piano Book my Great Aunt June brought home to California after a trip out to Vegas. I can remember the glimmer in her eye as she told all of the kids in the family what treasures there were to behold and what a fabulous life Mr. Liberace lives out in Las Vegas.

Liberace was the first gay person many of us ever heard about. He never “came out” with the grand announcement as celebrities do today. He was the happy smiling man that we would all love to spend a day with. His pictures meeting with the pope changed more minds about the gay agenda than anything.

As a local I will miss Mother’s Day at the museum celebrated with cake and free admission. Here is my video celebrating a great Mother’s Day at a place that I loved to share with my family. Liberace loved his mother too.

I love you Liberace. I rocked my children listening to Ave Maria played by your hands. Your performances changed the world.

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