Friend of the show SqueezeBox Hero!

Our friend Botielus better known as the SqueezeBox Hero visited our show.

SqueezeBox Hero singing telegrams will come to your favorite location and deliver a special message in the local Las Vegas area as only an accordion master can.

For our peeps who are not in Las Vegas don’t pout. For a mere $19.95 you can have custom video created to send a very special message to celebrate any occasion.

I came up with just a few:

The 3rd or 4th child born into the family and you want to announce their birth in a unique way to the world when you are too busy to send out announcements. Just pay SqueezeBox Hero in advance and he will send out a unique announcement after your precious bundle of joy has arrived, post it on YouTube, and even send an email out to all of your friends and family.

For an additional fee he could go and visit Mom and baby in the hospital but that may upset all of those “first timers” who expect that with babies comes complete silence.

How about your best girlfriend in Duluth her divorce is final, but you can’t be there for the girls night out? Have SqueezeBox sing her a song about getting back into the dating scene posted to YouTube and of course everyone’s FaceBook page.

Has your brother stopped dating “that girl” you know the one, the irritating irrational manipulator and you hope the break-up is for good. Have SqueezeBox sing a polka melody of songs that contain your sentiment that it is better to have loved and lost than live with a psycho the rest of your life and you just don’t want to see her face at Thanksgiving.

Discretion is assured with SqueezeBox and he lives in an undisclosed lair somewhere in the Las Vegas Valley that girl in Cleveland is going to have a long trek to try and find him.

Did you quit a crappy job and want words and music performed online to exactly what you thought of the place?

Bad restaurant give you food poisoning and you want to share with the world, your Yelp profile, and FourSquare the graphic details to accordion music?

Random act of kindness-o-gram to tell someone you appreciate what they have done for you.

Graduation celebration songs that capture the essence of tattoo school, clown college, taxidermy certification, or tax preparation courses.

Have SqueezeBox sing aloud your resume to set you apart from other job candidates.

Is your house on the market and you want to make that MLS listing unique? Come on people EVERYONE has all the floors and walls photographed, but what about an accordion player either walking the halls pointing out unique features or simply singing them for the camera?

The ways you can use an accordion-a-gram are only limited by your imagination since SqueezeBox is clearly game for anything you want to dish out.

I say let’s keep the creative interesting people living the dream employed and perform our own economic stimulus program for accordion players!

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