Scarred for Life by the Sugar Weasel

In my pursuit of ever interesting and exciting Las Vegas date nights my research has brought me to the world’s first and only adult clown escort.

Yes, you read that right, a clown escort for your freaky clown companionship.

Available for any freaky thing you might want to do with a clown. Perhaps some intense therapy for overcoming those clown based nightmares. Therapeutic interventions of your imagination.

Word has it that the Sugar Weasel himself will appear on our show to inform the world about his vocation and how it serves to both delight and scar us for life.

Sugar Weasel will answer the question of how much would it cost to have him jump out of a closet and scare that clown-a-phobic computer geek in the office. After all every clown has his price.

Remember years ago when F*%ked Company dot com had all of the pictures up of people showing up to their lay offs from dot bombs in their clown costumes? Perhaps bringing a clown to the company holiday gala is just the right touch that says “I am here only because the economy sucks more than you do.”

Are you invited to a political event you want to hold your nose at? I say if you are plugging down $250 a plate just to tow the party line throw down $300 an hour to bring a clown and show that politician what you really think of their platform. Sugar Weasel does not see Red party versus Blue Party sensibilities – Green talks.

Unlike political clown activist ET Snell of San Bernardino fame; Sugar Weasel is prepared for true artistic chaos.

The possibilities are endless with an ethically handicapped punk clown at your disposal. Oh you gotta love Las Vegas a place where everyone can live out their dreams.

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