Psychic Friends Date

I can’t imagine another city on earth where it might be advantageous to get to know a little bit about the future more than Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has psychics of all kinds for any visions of the future you may be seeking.

The city of Las Vegas is unique in that its local government has a special licensing process for both hypnotists and psychics. Does this involve handling copies of the governmental budgets and looking into the future? For the economic struggles the community has faced one could argue that any help psychic candidates can offer would be greatly appreciated. Now if the hypnotists could offer their services too it sounds like a plan.

The largest chain of psychic services is Psychic Eye Book Shops. These shops offer both books about channeling your personal psychic energy and readings with personal clairvoyants. If you can’t wait to get to the shop you can call and get a reading by phone. This place caters to the psychic do-it-yourself-er and the full service check under my karmic hood and take my psyche for a cleansing chakra spin service.

I am impressed by the variety of psychics available in Las Vegas. You can get a reading from a Native American Harry Goodwolf Kindness or the classic New York style Russian Tea Room psychic Abby. If you are a person who really connects with birds there is a psychic who brings her parrot along to readings. If you are ready to hear what you don’t want to hear there is Mondo the psychic who bills himself as brutally frank.

If you do something in Vegas and you need to get that spiritual stank off of your body and soul psychic Shandara Cook promises to have aromatherapeutical blends to help.

The business keeps a list of all of its psychics and links to their videos here. So you can plan ahead or just let fate pull you into whomever it is waiting to read when you get to the store.

If you have your cherish family pet with you for your Las Vegas visit perhaps you both will benefit from a trip to the Las Vegas pet psychic. On south Las Vegas Boulevard across from Mandalay Bay on the strip the friendly psychics can connect with your favorite furry friend to answer the burning questions you have about why they act the way that they do. Find out once and for all if your best friend enjoys sitting in your handbag all night while you live it up.

Not one of the psychics advertise to provide lucky numbers, horse picks, or to tell me about what team will win the next game. Must be one of those pesky licencing requirements or something that just can’t be seen beyond the glitz and psychic static of this town.

Curious? Just add a psychic visit to your list of Vegas adventures.
Vegas Psychics Rule the Odds

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