Aloha in Las Vegas Date

Las Vegas is unofficially the 9th island of Aloha with many native Hawaiian residents. The city has its own Hawaiian civic club. Many residents live part of the year in Hawaii or still have family on the islands.

Our listeners know that our host Johnny Nevada spent 6 years on the islands before heading back to the mainland excitement of Las Vegas. No complaints from Johnny when he goes looking to satisfy his Hawaiian cravings.

Fall is the most Hawaiian time of year in Vegas because the weather is mild nearly identical to the islands and it is luau season.

The Pure Aloha Festival at the Silverton Casino starts Thursday September 30th and runs through Sunday, October 3rd. This event has everything from traditional food and dance demonstrations to product sales and even a midway.

You can visit stores that are only found on the islands or Las Vegas. Tell the rest of the world you hit the islands they won’t know the difference when the souvenirs are authentically Hawaiian.

Around Las Vegas there is the Aloha 2 Go store on Sahara five minutes off of the strip, plus the ABC Stores with 6 locations from the Fremont Street Experience to Fashion Show Mall. Smaller Mom and Pop stores in neighborhoods throughout the city greet you with small town island charm and fresh baked goods if you decide to stay off the strip.

During your stay you have your choice of Hawaiian restaurants in every price range. Starting from the very cheap consisting of spam with a fried egg served on ramen all the way up to elegant fusion cuisine requiring your very best Hawaiian suit and at least $50 per person. Many casinos alternate in a Hawaiian feast during the year which may also include entertainment.

In the constantly changing world of Hawaiian businesses in Las Vegas consult Yelp’s locally updated Guide to Hawaiian Las Vegas. New restaurants are opening all the time and sadly others are not surviving the recession.

Are you ready to exchange vows Hawaiian style but don’t have the Hawaiian sized budget. Our friends at the A Elvis Wedding Chapel can help you plan the Blue Hawaii themed wedding in their chapel of your dreams from getting fresh local leis for your wedding party to even exchanging vows in the sand. What ever you need to bring a little Hawaii and a whole lot of Elvis into your very special day.

Just picture this ceremony with a little added Hawaiian flavor with leis, sand spread on the ground, and Blue Hawaii sung by the King.

Should you feel in the mood to fill up your car with Hawaiian treats and beverages for the long drive home many drug stores stock Hawaiian foods at reasonable prices. Walgreens and CVS Drugs locations have these food selections that differ by neighborhood with the largest selections around the area of Tropicana Boulevard. Canned drinks, taro chips, frozen pork buns, and mixes to make the treats back at home make it worth the stop to bring home a little aloha.

One last thing to do on your trip is to get lei’d. Hawaiian Leis crafted locally by Las Vegas Leis are all over the place from Ace Hardware on Lone Mountain to Kahunaville at Treasure Island, and many Walgreens locations. Leis are more than just flowers, you can get them made of candy, money, or beads too.

Don’t let the recession take the Aloha out of your day. Come out to Vegas and get your refill of Aloha!

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