Hour 19 – 24 Hours of Dates in Las Vegas – Cigar Lounge

BlogAPalooza Hour 19

In Nevada many things are legal including your friendly local neighborhood cigar lounge. A friendly inviting place with great folks in a Vegas melting pot from around the world.

Our favorite is the CMT Lounge located at 5661 W. Sahara Suite #104 Right behind the Capo Italian restaurant if you are a local you know it as the old Hooters building.

The lounge is a place to sit back relax smoke a great cigar with nice people in both a smoke and dog friendly environment. The dogs create a great atmosphere and if you miss your mutt back home working out here in Vegas on a long project, come on out and let one of these honey-pies curl up on your lap.

Couches line the location with a view of the humidor that keeps cigars perfectly preserved. Did you know that the dry Las Vegas climate is hell on fine tobacco products? You can lose most of the flavor out into the unforgiving desert air. CMT lounge has got your back with storage lockers at the business for your ignitable tobacco products or personal assistance to set up your very own home humidor system.

Throughout football season the shop plays all college and pro games until the game ends. The owners have done a great job of creating a chummy “Cheers” atmosphere at the shop. Many nights the crowd chips in for food to be delivered from a local restaurant so no one goes hungry while watching the game. Nevada has some specific restrictions on how food and beverages must be consumed in this environment to include that no food is prepared on the premises. Yet if you are a consenting adult able to readily determine that the food you ordered in will be consumed in the midst of tobacco – eat away.

Don’t pay high strip prices for products that have dried out. Just 5 minutes off the strip go to a family joint that will set you up right with the best product for your palette. If you choose to smoke, smoke only the highest quality product without harsh chemical additives.

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