Hour 24 – 24 Las Vegas Dates in 24 Hours – The King

Hour 24 BlogAPalooza

I am done and I did it my way!

I did the BlogAPalooza and I did it my way. The whole BlogAThon like my life as a whole I drew strength from the one, the original, the King of Rock and Roll.

Some could argue that Elvis is the patron saint of Vegas. Don’t let your trip to my favorite city on earth pass without an Elvis moment of your own. Spend time with a few impersonators and share the love.

Have the King Pick you Up at the Airportthen cruise in classic style in his 1956 Pink Caddy.

Several Elvis’ grace many stages in our town. You can go for the exclusive Elvis only The King Lives stage show at Hooters. Bills Gambling Hall has Big Elvis on stage.

Out in front of the Imperial Palace there is a rotating cast of Las Vegas characters including Elvis you can pose with for your free picture.

Complimentary Pictures with the King
The new Aria hotel has the Viva Elvis Cirque show.

Spend a moment in reverence to the King in front of the giant Elvis statue at the entrance to the Hilton. Trent Carlini takes to the stage each night with his tribute show The Dream King in the Shimmer Showroom.

The original and still the best variety tribute show is at Harrahs Legends in Concert you can catch Elvis and other legendary performers all on one stage.

Never enough Elvis in this town. The Grand Re-Opening of Kings Ransom at the Sahara promises to keep you in ElvisMania. The most extensive collection of Elvis items other than Graceland itself is sure to please any ElvisoPhile. On the stage will be Steve Connolly who shares his love both on stage and as an accomplished artist. You can see both of his talents on display at the Sahara.

You never know what other Elvis inspired acts will make it through town from Dred Zeppelin which does Elvis renditions of Led Zeppelin songs with a reggae beat, to Metal Elvis where the king’s songs are set to heavy metal, there is even a tribute artist called Jedi Elvis who dons a lightsaber with his white jumpsuit in a dual tribute to both the rock and roll and sci fi legends.

Now on to the Elvis date to end all Elvis dates::

The Elvis Wedding!

I became Mrs. Kramar in a lovely Elvis ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel just over 5 years ago. My husband and I never would have done it any other way, absolutely no regrets that we put the King in our very special day. In fact I feel that it has brought us closer and made us happier. Everywhere we go we hear the King and it reminds us of our very special bond.

Start off your Elvis wedding planning right by announcing your intention to the world from the very first step that you plan to marry with the King officiating. Our engagement photo told the tale and got reprinted front and center of the announcement pages in the newspapers we are from because it was unique.

Believe in Elvis - Go for an Elvis wedding

This should clue your friends and family that they are in for a good time and keep the moaners and complainers at home. You should not have to pay for the reception meal of anyone who just does not “get it” about Elvis.

Then make sure to pick your Elvis tunes with care. So many to choose from and so little time. We went for Can’t Help Falling in Love with You as I walked down the aisle and at the close of the ceremony cheered to Viva Las Vegas. Many brides select Love Me Tender for their march down the aisle.

Dressing like the King for your wedding is as easy as renting a tux any day, and every man who commits to wearing the jumpsuit looks instantly sexy. Consider dressing the whole wedding party for that matter in a rainbow of jumpsuits. American Costume Supply has jumpsuits for everyone including the ladies. Go all out Elvis or just a little Elvis your choice they have every Elvis accessory you may need from the shoes, to wigs, sunglasses, and bling to complete an authentic look.

Going out into the world dressed as Elvis is intoxicating. Once people see that jumpsuit they smile and want to be your friend. Feeling down, need an attitude adjustment? Dress like the King for a day to get that pick me up paradigm shift that the world and everyone in are better viewed as the King.

The first Elvis Chapel in the phone book A Elvis Wedding Chapel holds true to the heart and soul of the King offering personalized service. The chapel advertises on our show and gives away lunches with the King to our loyal listeners in Elvis trivia contests. Ceremonies are posted on the chapel’s YouTube Channel so you can get a great feel for the love in the air with the King presiding.

Bring your family together to celebrate your love with the King in true Vegas style. The King will live on as long as your love!
Family Wedding Photo

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