Hour 22 – 24 Hours of Las Vegas Dates – Visit Animals in Un-Natural Locations

Hour 22 – BlogAPalooza

The New Las Vegas was built on the thrills of watching a pack of talented white tigers. Now the strip is nearly as well known for all of its animals as the gambling. Before the majesty of the world class performances of Siegfried and Roy you could not get families to take that trek across the desert. When we all started watching them on television then the begging started that kids wanted to go to Vegas.

The original white tigers of the strip are those belonging to Siegfried and Roy whom no longer peform after a tragic on stage accident involving Roy and one of the tigers. Roy has undergone a recovery that can only be called miraculous which makes me believe even more in the mystical magical power of the white tiger.

In fact Roy has recovered so well he has appeared at the Santa Run with his own team. If you are in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 4th you too can join their team and run for a great charity.

Siegfried and Roy offer a personal invitation to all animal lovers to visit the Secret Gardens and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel. While no where in town offers a tiger trainer for a day, you can get close to the dolphins at the habitat with the Dolphin Trainer for a day program.

The tigers and lions are all gorgeous in a jungle climate that makes you forget you are in the middle of a big city.

Now that you have seen the tigers and are ready to see a great stage show with another dedicated Las Vegas animal conservationist head down to the Sahara hotel to see the Rick Thomas Magic show. Rick also has his own pack of cats that he shares his message of conservation with the audience and his special worldwide journey to save these magnificent cats.

At the MGM Grand is the Lion Habitat. where for free you can view the lions at play. The best time to catch them is during the trainer talks where they answer questions and feed the lions.

The Flamingo Hotel has its own wildlife habitat focusing on exotic birds and penguins.

Mandalay Bay has Shark Reef which this year is celebrating 10 years! Locals love shark reef because every tax day if you wait to turn in your return at the aquarium you get free admission! Takes a small bite out of paying taxes.

At the aquarium you will see animals of both the land and sea, plus get that obligatory tourist photo that looks like a shark is about to eat you.

The forum shops at Ceasars Palace offer a fountain show inside the mall and an aquarium with over 100 different fish.

If you like your critters without any fight left in them check out the exotic taxidermy collection at Bass Pro Shops. It is a free exhibit and the Silverton Casino next door has an aquarium complete with lovely mermaids who come out to wave at you. You can check out the LIVE webcam to see what is swimming around in the bowl anytime.

Sams Town has an animal show for the folks who prefer animatronic furry performers. Mystic Falls in the center of the casino property offers a light show with stuffed howling wolves. The show changes to a holiday theme for Christmas.

Off the strip Las Vegas has its own zoo the zoo has been struggling the last few years and can really use your support.

If you happen to be driving out of town North on I-95 take the Durango exit on the end of town and check out the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary featuring lots of birds, farm animals, and tortoises.

Las Vegas is a city of many animals!

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