Hour 9 – 24 Hours of Las Vegas Dates – Your Own Personal Ren-Faire

Hour 9 BlogAPalooza

Does it just kill you that Ren-Faire comes but once a year to your town?

Me too. Any excuse to duct tape my mammaries together shifting them way up high above my bodice in a corset that takes the better part of an hour to tie up does not come along often enough.

Don’t fret fantasy phreaks Las Vegas has a Rennaisance Medieval Superstore! ZCastle is open inside the Bonanza indoor Swapmeet holding several booths and has a play space to act out your jousting in air conditioned comfort so critical when you have on chain mail at 103 degrees. The folks are super friendly. Check out Bob he is spending the golden years of his life bringing the magic of chivalry to a whole new generation. So don’t rank on the code for Bob’s website when you go in, ask him about his favorite characters instead and you will find yourself with a new friend.

And ladies if your man is into knights in shining armor and maidens in distress isn’t Bob the guy we should all come to and ask what would get my man’s medieval mischeif throttled? I am sure after years in Vegas he has a few good suggestions to heat things up for any castle age scenario.

In Vegas the weekend of October 8, 9, and 10th? You are in luck! At Sunset Park the Las Vegas RenFaire comes to town!

At the end of your day you are in luck with a great D&D tourney location just across the street from the park. Sunset Pizza is a great place to cool down and warm up with a pizza or a chicago style italian beef sandwich if you just didn’t get enough of food rolling down your face at RenFaire. The big plus is plenty of parking and meal specials that won’t cost you as much as the vendors at the faire.
The owners of the restaurant will even look the other way if you decide to roll the 8 sided die, drink your soda from chalices, and speak in olden tongues. Meet your crew for either a get your script together before performing brainstorming session or a thank god we are back in the 21st century cool down.

Either way – Sunset Pizza will be happy to meet you!

Those weekends without a RenFaire in town you can take your chances and head on down to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. You may be mistaken for the staff and asked to grab a mop bucket. No masks or chain mail allowed on the casino playing floor. But in full costume you can often sneak into the background of medieval weddings and be welcomed as stand ins for the guests who lacked the imagination to dress properly for a themed wedding.

Las Vegas the town to celebrate all ages – even Medieval!

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