Hour 5 – 24 Hours of Las Vegas Dates – Get GhettoFab at the SwapMeet!

Hour 5 -BlogAPalooza

Get hooked up with ghetto lifestyle accessories. I spent a few formative years living in the hood of NoPo so a visit to the Discount mall is a walk down memory lane when my best friend and I shopped aisles like these because we did not have the money for the real mall.

The Fantastik Indoor Swapmeet is the largest in Las Vegas. Hundreds of booths with all different kinds of merchandise. A great stop to rest from the heat every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

At the Craig Discount Mall on the corner of Craig and Decatur you can have a ghetto-fab shopping experience like no other. Tributes to Tu-Pac and Big E painted on velvet at affordable prices to decorate your crib. Perhaps you were wondering to yourself where does a person find a painting of raps artists large enough to fit over my couch. This mall has the hook up!

Not just art stay for the furniture too. Like mirrors on everything? Did you need a slip cover blanket with a giant green leaf for the couch? They have it!

All manner of Thug-life t-shirts and ghetto report card shirts can round out a wardrobe sure to make your loved ones feel uncomfortable in your presence. Do you need a brightly colored suit with a matching hat, loud shoes, and a pimp cane? They have got it!

Get your Las Vegas t-shirts here at discount prices and designs not necessarily approved by the official tourism bureau.

Hair! They have hair! Racks of it! Need some fake nails to claw your way to the top get it here at discount prices. The Vegas Wig Girl is at the Fantastic Swapmeet ready to meet all of your big cotton candy drag queen wig needs.

No where else have I seen easily accessible at the local discount mall dental gold jewelry! Custom made starting at $50 a tooth back to you in 24 hours! You can even get your special someone’s name written across your grill. With 55 different designs to choose from it is hard to settle on just one.

Maybe you know that person who has everything! You can present your loved one with a grill in a fine box and bring them back for the fitting. What better way to say I think you are a gold digger?

For the less fashion forward there is always the gift that never fails custom bling with any name or words your heart desires.

Bling never goes out of style. All the pundits are endorsing gold as an investment why not wear yours where no one is going to take it from you.

Do you miss clothing straight from Tijuana? All of your favorite party dresses from Mexican party marts are here to make your don’t get too close to the birthday candle or you will light up in flames dreams come true.

See how the locals live and appreciate the cultural melting pot that is life in Vegas. On my visit there were people of all races, creeds, and orientations out to get a bargain.

Need ideas of where to go with your new hair, nails, and pimp wear? Don’t fret the shopping center always has plenty of fliers around for the next superstar self produced artist in town. Or take your elevator shoes on down to the disco.

Do you need a giant afro to feel really super fly or a jump suit to live out your Avenging Disco Godfather fantasies? Hit American Costumes right off of the Strip on Sahara where you can get all Blacksploitation Marvelous then hit the strip.

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