Hour 13 – 24 Hours of Las Vegas Dates – Celebrate the Atomic Age

Hour 13 BlogAPalooza

Las Vegas is also the home of A-bomb looking once upon a time for its prosperity from the local testing of the A Bomb.

Only in Las Vegas can you tour the actual test site with your federal government. The Department of Energy offers this tour for FREE on a monthly basis with the dates published in advance on the website. You will only be able to take from the tour fond memories since no recording devices are allowed and you must comply with strict security requirements.

A bright spot is that the tours do meet at the Atomic Testing Museum which has its own gift shop and you can get your t-shirts that you toured the test site there and pose for pictures with the cardboard atomic bikini lady in the lobby.

Sorry folks the other atomic throwback Vegas is known for the underground house is now a private residence and not open to tours. We can still read about it and wonder if anyone ever did think they could wait out the bomb living in it. Another writer on WordPress has made the generous offer to live there for a year to test it out for us all.

If you consider making the commitment to a post atomic lifestyle perhaps you would like to consider living in a missile silo. Exciting properties are coming available in Nevada for the silo lifestyle.

Go on back to a time history buffs where we all needed to “Stop worrying and Love the Bomb.”

The tribute dive bar of the nuclear age is the Atomic Liquor Store and Lounge where you can lament the passing of the bright eyed optimism that once embraced being downwind from radioactive waste floating in the wind.

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