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Hour 3 BlogaPalooza

Las Vegas has been looked upon by the creative world as that “side job” place for performers to sneak out to the desert here and there to make a quick buck. Writers out here as assumed to be working for the strip comedians or on vacation from their real jobs out in California.

Las Vegas has two great writers events coming up. This is a town with a lot of material to write about people watching alone can fill volumes.

First is KillerCon August 26-29th. This is a gathering of horror, suspense, and science fiction authors to enjoy their craft. A panel discussion, workshops, and a vendor area help local and visiting writers alike experience working in this new genre. The brave can also enter the on the spot creative fiction writing contest.

This years guest authors are:

Brian Lumley
Tananarive Due
Steven Barnes
John Skipp
Cody Goodfellow

Event organized by author Wrath James White. You can read sample chapters of his books here.

For most towns just one event like KillerCon would be enough for the writing community but not Las Vegas.

In November the Vegas Valley Book Festival opens for a great weekend of books and authors for readers and writers alike. This family friendly event held at the Fifth Street School in downtown Las Vegas has presentations by authors, a pavilion of free books for kids and children’s authors, and tables and tables of local authors signing copies of their books about everything from local history, to romance, fantasy, mystery, and science fiction.

Las Vegas is also the town with the creative edge to publishing starting with Vegas Die where you can become part of the mystery by trying to find a missing dagger to win the grand prize. Checking out the message board there are still many people out in Las Vegas trying to win the $25,000 prize.

This years book festival will also have two great friends to our show John Michael Stuart MSW and Early Clover.

John Michael Stuart MSW is a true inspiration to the Las Vegas community and the world. He has worked very hard to overcome the challenges of having cerebral palsy. He wrote the book Perfect Circles about making the best of life’s challenges. He is also at work on children’s books. John will be presenting a passage from his book and signing copies at the festival.

Our friend legendary R&B performer Early Clover has written his memoir From Sawdust to Stardust he knew from the start of his life that he always wanted to be a performer. Early will be performing in a great R&B revue show starting at the Sahara beginning in September and has 4 CDs for sale or download.

Check out his incredible performance:

Now you won’t be able to wait and read all about how this man and his incredible voice have done so much and helped so many.

A warm up to the book festival is the September 11, 2010 Flash Fiction contest.

The hands-on writing competition will be held as a pre-festival event on Saturday, September 11, from 1– 4 p.m. at the Historic Fifth Street School, located in downtown Las Vegas. Entrants will have 90 minutes to complete a maximum 500-word short story based on a theme provided to them at the time.

Beyond the festivals a unique experience for any bibliophile is a trip to Bauman Rare Books inside the Palazzo. This is not your usual chain bookstore it is a collectors experience. For those of us not able to throw down a couple hundred dollars on a rare first edition it is a nice opportunity to see the classic workmanship of a long past era before mass production.

Our local bookstore Dead Poet Books offers great specials on both used and rare books and vintage vinyl.

For a uniquely Las Vegas book experience you can visit the Gamblers Bookstore and wander the aisles among people looking for just the hint or tip they need to strike it rich.

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