Hour 2 – 24 Hours of Las Vegas Dates – Gamble!

Hour 2 – BlogAPalooza

Time to get this out of the way. Come to Vegas – gamble – go home. That is the town my parents took us across the desert to visit. Free liquor and cheap food just to keep visitors putting their money on the line and swinging away at the one armed bandit slots.

Then the city woke up. You can’t keep people coming all this way to lose their money and see a few shows. Thank Steve Wynn for the Vegas you know today because he had the vision of a Mirage in the desert that set the first bar for world class hotels, entertainment, and attractions.

What would Vegas be without its legacy of white tigers, volcanoes, and a plethora of “world’s largest” this and thats? Certainly not the place that evokes such worldwide fascination and visitor loyalty.

Still no Las Vegas experience is complete without some gambling.

Table Games
Everything from poker, to blackjack, to craps, and roulette Las Vegas has it. Feeling a little shy? Does the action seem to happen in a whirl? Don’t fret the casinos want you to play and many offer free classes. Free gaming lessons are a great way to learn in a relaxed no risk atmosphere. A confident gambler will do a lot more of it.

Please by all means remember that the gambling instructor works for tips. So about $10 for every 30 minutes of group instruction or more if they have gone off a main table to work with you personally. Also during a game dealers are patient with first timers. Enjoy yourself read the complimentary rules booklet to games available at the casino cage.

List of Las Vegas FREE Gambling Classes

Video Poker

While not the draw it used to be since many states also offer video poker in bars this is still a fun game. Now the larger casinos even offer hands at a penny! This makes for an easy date when one of you does not want to risk much and the other is more confident spending several dollars a hand. My husband and I go play video poker on our date nights just outside the movie theater.

You can find video poker everywhere from casinos, to grocery stores, pubs, and gas stations. One of my favorites to escape to is Dottys which you will find all over town. This chain is popular from the pacific northwest where I went to college. They have a sandwich bar to make your own complete with meat and condiments build it as high as you like for only $2.99 plus you get a free drink. A deal like this leaves me a few pennies rattling around in my pocket to go ahead and play a few hands of poker.

All of the video poker and slot rooms at the grocery stores offer free beverages for guests.

At the casinos the lovely cocktail waitresses will bring you free drinks, but if you want to keep them coming don’t forget to tip.


Also known as the one armed bandits slots have really grown up into something very exciting the last ten years. You once used to pull the lever and wait for the wheels to stop rolling against that one line in the center to tell you if you won. Oh baby it is much different today.

We have penny slots that are entirely electronic out on the floor among the video poker machines. These have all the excitement of something I could play as a game off of Facebook but you are paying pennies a spin for it.

Then we have the traditional slots that offer not just the one line down the center as the winning element, but you can bet to up as many as 10 line combinations or more. These start at a nickel and go all the way up to $5.

First time slot players would enjoy the free slot machine tournaments offered at many casinos to get you ready to play. You are given a number of points and the person who wins the most points on the slot machine at the end of the tournament is the winner.

The new themed slot machines make playing for pennies that much more fun. My husband love the Star Wars Slots. I like the Wheel of Fortune Slots because they have the big spinning wheels at the top. The Price is Right machine is also great fun with its showcase showdown.

You can read reviews of different slot machines online before you go. Be careful however not to install the sample software. There is no sample software for slot machines. It is a way to get spyware installed on your machine.

So go out there you mature responsible consenting adults and enjoy what first made Vegas famous the cheap and easy gambling!

If you have a problem with gambling – there is help – Problem Gambling hotline 1-800-522-4700.

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  1. You just make me want to come to Vegas more! AHH

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